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15 Minutes of Lame: Watch Kanye Go Cray During Concert About Creativity & The Kardashians




Oh, Kanye.

We thought he said everything he had to say after his first melodramatic episode.  But nope – Kanye was booed offstage again at Wireless Festival ranting about some more “important things” he had to share that were on his mind.

This time he was booed during a 15 minute rant that bled into his set that was already behind schedule.  He stopped the music and then ranted for a total of 15- 20 minutes.

“I’m very shy in real life. Because I’m too shy to put out some b*******. Sometimes it’s hard because I’m too shy to carry off a lot. I’m arrogant and shy and a little bit lazy. I’m too shy to lie to anybody and I’m too arrogant to make myself lie to anyone because lies take too much work,” the rapper quotes behind his famous bejeweled mask and interesting tie-dye suit.

After he spills his guts about his short-comings, he then tirades about the discrimination in the fashion industry. He goes on a rant with Louis Vuitton and other name brands and accuses them with discrimination.

He tells the fans, “I’m not going to mention any names but… Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Don’t discriminate against me ‘cos I’m a black man making music.”

The fans were very upset and started to boo mercilessly toward the end of his rant.  They made this known through  Twitter in particularly.

One fan said, “There was serious booing towards the end of the speech, as people got so fed up and just wanted to hear him perform.”

Another wrote “Serious booing during Kanye’s obligatory 15 minute Runaway rant at Wireless. Just get the f**k on with it mate. (sic)”

Whether he was just stalling for rapper Drake, who canceled due to illness or if he was greedy for more spotlight, Kanye makes the highlight of the show.

Watch the video here. Do you think Kanye has completely lost his mind?


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