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2017’s Highest Paid Woman in Music and Queen of Soul Says Not Dead Yet: Celebrity Wrap Up

2017’s Highest Paid Woman in Music and Queen of Soul Says Not Dead Yet: Celebrity Wrap Up


by TRN Staff Writers

When It Comes to $$$ Queen Bey Rules   According to Forbes Magazine, the highest paid woman in music for the year of 2017.  Forbes figures Beyonce the raked in a total of $105 million.  She far outpaced other top feature singers like Adele in the No. 2 slot with $69 million and  Taylor Swift  in the third place spot earning $44 million.  Not impressed? Well, consider Bey was at the head of the pack of female singers and she did it without releasing an album this year.  That’s like taking the year off from your sales job and still earning top salesperson of the year.  Beyonce’s  “Formation” world tour netted a quarter of a billion dollars and her “Ivy Park” athletic/leisyure line also added to her wealth.  When you combine Beyonce’s networth with that of music mogul JayZ the couple is said to be worth $1.16 billion.

Show Some “Respect” Queen of Soul Shoots Down Death Hoax  Legendary singer Aretha Franklin wants fans to know she ain’t dead yet. According to Newsweek, “The “Respect” singer’s name became a top-trending tweet on Tuesday, which usually means one of two things when it concerns a person of a certain age: She’s dead, or it’s a death hoax. With more than 15,000 mentions, fans feared that one of the greatest was gone. They were wrong.”  Newseek says the rumor of the singer’s demise started with a phony Twitter account set up in Franklin’s name that added the bogus post, “It Is With Sad News That We Announce the Passing Of The ‘Queen Of Soul’ Aretha Franklin 1942-2017.” Franklin spokesperson and TV host Shaun Robinson tweeted “Good Morning, Everyone. I just spoke to one of Ms. Franklin’s family friends in my hometown of Detroit. They spoke to Aretha moments ago and asked me to tell you please don’t believe this news that was trending. Have a good day.”  Franklin also wanted to set the record straight about health rumors and told fans she is not suffering from pancreatic cancer.  Glad to hear that the multiple Grammy winner who crooned such hits as “Chain of Fools”, “I Say a Little Prayer” and  “Natural Woman” is alive and well. For the twisted minds passing along the fake news, the real news is bad enough—stop spreading phony rumors about people’s death and let them live in peace.

Banks Says “The Boss is Back!”  America’s Next Top Model  is suiting up to slay for its 2018 premiere and just like fashion repeats every so often, ANTM is bringing back one of its original looks.   Show creator and long time host Tyra Banks will be back for the show’s 24th cycle replacing Rita Ora who replaced her when the show moved to VH1. Here’s a look at the new promo Tyra shared via twitter that proves she still boss on the runway…

Banks already has her “smizing” ready for  when the camera starts rolling and is happy to take the hosting reigns again saying, ” I missed my ANTM baby so Mama’s back!”

For this week’s look at celebrity life, that’s a wrap!