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“22 Girlfriends”-Somebody Tell Quincy This Is Not the Time

“22 Girlfriends”-Somebody Tell Quincy This Is Not the Time


by G. Brown

The headlines are everywhere…”Quincy Jones, 84, reportedly has 22 girlfriends“, “Quincy Jones Talks Taylor Swift, His 22 Girlfriends…”. Everybody from Rolling Stone Magazine to Billboard and Twitter are focused on a recent GQ Magazine interview with the 84 year old musical genius.

Jones talked about everything from living in foreign countries as a Black man to giving his opinion on some of today’s biggest music names (looking at you Taylor Swift), but the quotes getting the most mileage are those on his current love life.

The legendary producer known to most as “Q” has spent what’s tantamount to several careers working with music’s brightest, blazing new trails in the industry, crusading social causes and being a beacon in the sometimes shady music industry. He shared old thoughts on other singing greats like Frank Sinatra and new insights about himself- like who knew he’s a polyglot who speaks 26 languages.

When asked about his love life and is it true that he has 22 girlfriends all around the world Q said, “Hell yeah. Everywhere…Cape Town. Cairo. Stockholm – she’s coming in next week. Brazil – Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio. Shanghai – got a great girl over there from Shanghai, man. Cairo, whew.”  Jones  has been married and divorced three times and no doubt learned what doesn’t work in relationships.  One thing he’s learned is to be very open and honest with each woman about all the women in his life.  Jones says “I don’t lie, And it’s amazing – women get it, man. Don’t you ever forget they’re 13 years smarter than we are. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Timing is everything and the timing couldn’t have been worse for Q to share such intimate details about his life.  Even if he’s not just spinning an old school yarn about his mack game, bragging about your 22 girlfriends in the day of #MeToo and #Time’s Up  is not a smart move.  The Hollywood scandal has touched off a long overdue wave of justice and redemption for the women who have been prey for men of power and position.  Even if the ambiguous  term “girlfriend” means all platonic relationships, we’ve witnessed men like Bill Cosby be decimated by allegations.  Age didn’t protect Cosby and turning 85 probably wouldn’t protect Q if someone took his lotharios tales as admission to being a sexual harasser.

Hey, if Jones can pull the babes like that, good for him.  But that may be information he should definitely keep on the Q(quiet) tip.