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$325,000 after only a Year of Marriage? Terrence Howard says He Ain’t Got It!




The sanctity of marriage is so absent these days, especially with celebrities.  We had Kim Kardashian with her 3 month marriage to extort Kris Humphries (which in my opinion is worse), but ex-wife Michelle Howard is no better as she extorts Terrence Howard for $325k after only one year of marriage.

In fact, Terrence is claiming she threatened to blackmail him for this colossal amount of spousal support.  If she gets away with this spousal support atrocity, she will leave him with a measly 6k a month.  However, Terrence is not about to go down without a fight.

To combat his crazy ex-wife, Terrence had filed new court documents and asked the judge to throw out his divorce settlement with Michelle.  I don’t blame him – Seriously, after only a year of marriage and she’s asking for all this money?  Something’s not right here and from what it looks like, was blackmailed into signing the settlement.

Besides, according to Terrence’s claim of only bringing home about 5,878 monthly, there’s no way he’d be able to pay this spousal support anyway.  His little-less-than-6k a month is a result from paying spousal and child support for Lori McMasters, another ex-wife of his.

On top of that, Terrence actually works for Lori and is on her payroll.  The money that he makes from his Hollywood movies goes directly to Lori, which she then cuts him a monthly check.

I just hope that the Judge will sign for the guy at this particular incident.  There is no way in heck that Michelle should be getting this amount of spousal support after a year of marriage. I think that if she wanted to live in that kind of lifestyle, she shouldn’t have divorced him in the first place.  Of course, none of us know the whole story.  All I’m saying is that 325k greatly surpasses the definition of “support.”

What do you guys think? Feel free to comment below.

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