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5 people Shot Chris Brown Concert: Is His Gang Affiliation Catching Up To Him?




After the first shooting incident at one of Breezy’s concerts, we were all pretty concerned.  Now, shootouts at his concerts are becoming too horrifyingly frequent.

Sources from are saying that at least 5 people have reportedly been wounded after shots rang out at a Chris Brown performance in San Jose, California. As the singer was onstage performing his hit “Loyal” at Fiesta nightclub, the superstar noticed that a fight broke out. Shots were fired and his security rushed him off the stage.

Multiple people captured the incident on camera and posted it to Instagram.

TMZ reports, Brown was singing at 1:20 AM and the crowd seemed peaceful, suddenly gunshots ring out, sending everyone including Chris into panic.  Four people were rushed to the hospital and one victim left and showed up at the ER later.  Several people were detained but it’s unclear if anyone was arrested.

Thankfully Brown was not injured.

What is it about Brown’s concerts that are causing violence? Or is it just the nature of hip-hop or R&B concerts these day?

Sources says there has to be a reason.  In 2014, a shooting happened at another one of Brown’s concerts that resulted in Suge Knight getting shot.  Though he survived, there were rumors of Chris Brown engaging in gang activity that could have resulted in the shooting.

Around that same time, the rumors spread even further when Chris was seen throwing up gang signs in the club, furthering the suspicion that Chris is involved in gangs.

To the relief of Chris Brown fans everywhere, the “Loyal” singer has never been shot or injured at these shootings.  But what if these shootings continue?  Should Chris be fearing for his life?

If not the gang life, could these shootouts be a result of something deeper than we think?

Share your thoughts.

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