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8 Celebrities That Have A Reputation For Being “Difficult”




When working as a successful entertainer, a great part of the gig is the access that you have to anything you want. Which can be good and terrible at the same time.

When a person is not used to hearing the word “No,”  it can really influence the way they deal with others. With enough negative interactions they can come off entitled, arrogant, or difficult.

Here are 8 people that have acquired one of this labels:

Mariah Carey1.) Mariah Carey

There have been plenty of rumors that add to Mariah Carey’s image of not being the nicest person in the room.  TMZ reports that Mariah was “a nightmare to work with” while working as a guest mentor on the seventh season of American Idol.

Kanye West2.) Kanye West

Everybody knows that Kanye has a God-complex.  We’ve all seen his outbursts on award shows and against the paparazzi. He even went off on Sway’s In The Morning radio show.


Azealia Banks3.) Azealia Banks

We all saw how Azealia called Tameka “Tiny” Harris a “meth face.”  We also see Iggy Azalea getting the blunt of her wrath. Azealia has no problem checking everybody with her attitude.



50 Cent4.) 50 Cent

What more could you expect from a gangsta?  50 is so bad he’s ended careers like that of fellow rapper Ja Rule.  He doesn’t even have a problem publicly making fun of boxer Floyd Mayweather’s illiteracy.



Ray J5.) Ray J

Who could forget the “I Hit it First” singer and his bad attitude?  Sending Kanye the royalties of his wife, Kim’s sex tape featuring Ray J himself is not exactly your typical act of kindness.



K.Michelle6.) K. Michelle

Well, she’s on Love & Hip Hop for a reason.  According to Bossip her attitude showed its ugly face when she was was booed by fans after she took the mic on stage and said, “Y’all didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform. Get that b*tch (referring to the female singer of the gogo band) to sing.”   Very professional K.


Lil Kim7.) Lil Kim

They don’t call her Queen B. for nothing.  Lil Kim has a reputation of having a bad attitude.  It’s one of the things that put her on with the legendary Notorious B.I.G. (rest in peace).  Just listen to her diss records towards Nicki Minaj.  They get pretty mean.


Columbus Short8.) Columbus Short

Columbus Short’s bad attitude became apparent when he started assaulting people.  His violent behavior was the reason he was fired off of the hit TV show, Scandal.



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