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90’s rapper Keith Murray talks Fist Fight With Dame Dash: “I popped his head off”




Growing up in Brooklyn, fights were very frequent in the 90’s. But judging by his stories, Keith Murray was no one to mess with.  Murray wasn’t above dragging you out in the snow and beating you up, or snatching you off of the stage during your musical set when he was younger.   On the Breakfast Club, he shares about some altercations he had with some well-known rappers.

In the interview, the first incident he talks about is his beef with Mob Deep member, Prodigy.  “I popped his head off…pause” he commented. Apparently there was a misunderstanding over the lyrics to a song that Mob Deep performed.  Mob Deep member, Havoc tried clearing the air with Murray, saying that the song wasn’t about him or anybody else.  But Prodigy kept taunting and instigating with Murray.

Eventually the two rappers would hash out their differences and be cool with one another as time moved on.

In the second story, he talks about how he got into a fist fight with Damon Dash.  After crashing into rapper Biggie’s car, Murray asked Biggie to call his office to handle the accident because Murray at the time had no insurance.  Needless to say, it didn’t get handled. Later on, Murray found himself at club Sweetwater, where he was asked to perform his hit single at the time, “The Most Beautiful Thing in the World,” and the DJ kept messing up the record.

“I was like ‘say f*ck the DJ! F*ck the DJ!’ I didn’t know Dame Dash was in the house! I didn’t know Dame Dash was associated with the DJ!”

That’s when Murray was questionably assaulted by Damon Dash and a fight broke out.  Damon Dash was hit in the eye with a bottle and had to request $10,000.00 in stitches.

His interaction with Tupac was not a violent one thankfully.  At the House of Blues, they performed a song called “I shot ya,” raising question about whether or not the song was about Murray shooting Tupac.  Tupac was paranoid because he got shot recently at the time. Luckily, they were able to hash things out before a fight broke out involving blades and knives.

Sounds like there was a lot of beef in the hip-hop industry when Keith was coming up.  I’m just glad that a lot of the issues he had with these rappers have fizzled out for good.


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