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A Big Comeback, A Big $11K Tip & A Big Engagement Ring: Celebrity Wrap Up


by Ms. Black Hollywood

 “Big Pimpin’ JayZ Style  Somebody called it the holy grail of bar tabs and that it was.  JayZ reportedly celebrated his friend and Roc Nation Sports President Perez turning the big 5-O as if money grew on trees because, well, he can.  According to Page Six, “the rapper and his pals made several stops throughout the night, starting with Japanese hot spot, Zuma, where the rapper reportedly dropped $13,000 on a meal for his pals.”  But the party was just getting started with the group heading to another spot where JayZ plopped down another $9K for cocktails including 50 bottles of champagne.  When all was said and done, the total came to about $80,000.  Don’t think the “4:44” rapper stiffed on the tip.  Reports say JayZ shelled out another $11,000 in tip money.  And that is how you party Big Ball’er style.


Sade’s New Song for Ava DuVernay’s “Wrinkle in Time”   Director Ava DuVernay asked and received the surprise of her life.  The “Selma” Director posted on IG, “I never thought she’d say yes” when she approached “Smooth Operator” singer Sade to sing a track for her upcoming movie “Wrinkle in Time”.  DuVernay shared her joy when the woman she referred to as “a goddes” said yes…

Sade’s last studio album was released eight years with “Soldier of Love”.  The singer has spent most of her recent years away from the glaring lights of fame living in the countryside of Gloucestershire in the UK.  The British Nigerian beauty rose to the top of the charts in the 80s with a string of hits including  “The Sweetest Taboo”, “Your Love is King” and her biggest hit “Smooth Operator”.

Toni Braxton Found Someone to Unbreak her Heart Singer Toni Braxton did a little multi-tasking in the latest promo  for the upcoming season of her reality show.  “The Braxton Family Values” and her sisters will be back for a new season and Toni has a big surprise for her fans…

Braxton has been drowning in rumors for months linking her with 49 year old rapper and Cash Money Records founder Birdman.  The promo didn’t confirm the multi-Grammy award winning singer is marrying Birdman, but that huge multi-karat rock on her hands confirms this isn’t “Another Sad Love Song” and that she’s marrying somebody.  Guess we’ll have to wait until March for all the details when “Braxton Family Values” returns for its new season on WE tv.

For this week’s look at celebrity life, that’s a wrap!