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A Black and White Look at Sexual Harassment Against Woman

A Black and White Look at Sexual Harassment Against Woman


by G. Brown

  This is a story about two men named Bill.  Both are rich, high-profile celebrities. Both are accused of crimes against women.  One Bill is Black, the other White.    The Black man named Bill is virtually destroyed and put on trial after as many as 60 women allege that he used his position of power to rape, drug and/or sexually assault them.  The second Bill, the White guy, has been tied to at least five cases of sexual harassment and misconduct in his position of power, reportedly settled several of those cases at a cost of $13 million dollars and is rewarded by reportedly signing a new multi-million dollar, multi-year deal with FOX News.  Now the President is coming to his defense saying Bill O’Reilly is “a good person” and “…personally I think he shouldn’t have settled…because you you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”  Before he was President, Donald Trump said of Bill Cosby to EW.com back in 2015, “I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cosby. I’ve never liked him. I think he’s guilty as hell. I mean, he’s looking guilty.”

The details of these cases are very different and may be like comparing apples and oranges on some level, but the overarching common denominator is both men allegedly victimized women.  Bill Cosby’s crimes date back further, involved more alleged victims and also involved the use of drugs.  But both men allegedly used their power to manipulate women sexually and threatened their careers if they told anyone.  One of Bill O’Reilly’s accusers even had recorded proof of his salacious calls and threats.

So is one Bill  less guilty than the other?  The number of women involved in the cases doesn’t make it more horrible. Even if both Bills had been accused of victimizing one woman, the fact that one woman had victimized is enough.  The number of years the Bills engaged in the criminal behavior also is hard to compare…though if women felt they could find justice instead of being judged maybe the first day a woman was victimized she would have come forth.  Instead, women hid their pain for years in both cases.

In the case of Bill C., mainstream media gave us almost daily updates, launched investigative reports to seek out victims and stamped a scarlet letter on the accused.  Feminists spoke up and protested, Black colleges and universities removed Cosby from their foundations, stripped him of honorary titles (but didn’t return the millions he donated).  Why is there not the same public outrage against O’Reilly?

 At least one person is vocal about O’Reilly’s behavior.  Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters told MSNBC that the justice department has opened a case to look into FOX News track record of harassment.  The previous head of FOX News Roger Ailes was forced out last year under similar charges of sexual harassment. Waters says “Bill O’Reilly needs to go to jail.”

As for the President defending O’Reilly as “a good person” who has done nothing wrong, Waters says, “it’s coming out of the mouth of a man who has said some horrible things about women. Don’t forget he talked about grabbing women in their private parts and because he was important he could get away with it. And so they are two of a kind.

Waters gives us what may be the biggest take away from both cases surrounding our Bills.  Whether Black or White, people who have means  think that money gives them power to do whatever they want and buy their way out of it.  We started out saying this story is about ‘Bills’. Turns out it’s not just about the given names of the men accused in these crimes, but about the dollar ‘bills’ both Bills have in their wallets.



  1. In the case of Bill Cosby, the universities that benefited by the millions of dollars should be made to return the money or leave the honorary titles in place. Cosby has not had to pay 13million dollars, Trump paid for silence or had women threaten and intimidated. Cosby’s old butt women date back to ‘Woodstock”. White Bill is as low as Drumpf, Black Bill should be reprimanded for his bad behavior and exploitation of the women. But the law is very clear regardless of ‘COLOR’ but GREEN changes the ourcome for the color of WHITE, ask Arnold & Donald.

  2. Bill O’Reilly is white and works in the best interests of white supremacy. That is why he still has his eight figure a year job. In his prime, Bill Cosby, a black man worked in the best interests of black people. That is why the white corporate media have destroyed Bill Cosby’s reputation image and legacy.

    P.S. Bill Cosby donated a large sum of money so Spike Lee could make the movie Malcolm X

  3. We have to stop believing what the white man tells us. The white man uses television and movies to broadcast and showcase lies and propaganda for one major reason, to keep black people dependent on white supremacy. The synonym for dependence is SLAVERY! The synonym for independence is FREEDOM! From a black man and black woman’s perspective, slavery (dependence) in Amerikkka never ended, so stop celebrating Independence Day (July 4th).

    After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. black men such as Michael Jackson, Prince and and Bill Cosby tried to gain independence from white supremacy. In the case of Bill Cosby, he tried to buy NBC. Owning a billion dollar news network is a great way to gain independence, financial wealth and power. He quickly became a huge threat to white Amerikkka. That is the reason why the white owned tv news networks worked together to destroy Bill Cosby’s image, reputation and legacy. That is why dozens of white women have accused Bill Cosby of rape and sexual assault. That is why dozens of so called white female feminists have publicly spoken against Bill Cosby. White men and white women will always work together in order to destroy a black man or black woman who tries to gain freedom and financial independence.

    Instead of believing what white people like Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump say, we have to research the facts, learn our history and recognize that white people want to keep us enslaved! It’s important to realize that the enslavement of the black man and black woman is the number one way millions of white people have attained riches and wealth. The black man and black woman gaining freedom will destroy the white man’s wealth and power. With having said that, black people worldwide must break away from white supremacy, unite and work hard to gain freedom!

  4. So true, NBA IS FIXED, preach! If only your comments would penetrate and resonate to ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR, especially BLACK AMERICANS would this nation be better, and the world.
    Too many of us are trying to be like them. Too many of us have been white-washed, participating in the ‘divide and conquer’ plan that has kept us at odds with one another. If we would agree to disagree, yet work together for OUR improvements before we do it for ‘our country’ we may find that the country will be improve by us banding together first. Look at the Montgomery boycott. Look at the Freedom Fighters and the Civil Rights movement. Look at the Black Panther Party movement. These were all designed to improve the quality of life for our people. The country did everything possible to negate them all.
    It handed out favors to the ‘right’ ones (easily bought). The Larry Elders, Joseph Philips, Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walkers and Ben Carsons, to name a few. These are the ones who try to present the agenda and propaganda to keep us divided.
    We have to know our history, our hearts, out strengths and weaknesses so we can build, uplifting ourselves before we can uplift others

  5. WOW!!!! What a mouth full. I am more than willing to comment on this article. We now have a President in The White House that is so damn dumb that he cannot carry on an intelligent conversation and has to read from a sheet of paper to give any sentences over 2 lines long. He is good at talking about people and that is how he won the White House. I cannot believe that America was so dumb to have allowed this man to be the top person over The US. His ties with Russia and other illegal things that he has done and he has all of this arrogance about him. While Mitch McConnell was running his mouth when Barrack Obama was in office about being a one time President and he was not going to allow anything to pass even the Supreme Court Justice seat that was open and he is watching this man destroy and humiliate America. Shame on Mitch and all of the other Republicans that think more about the party over the people that put them in office. Mitch would be turning backward flips on the house floor if Barrack Obama did anything that the present guy is now doing. Mitch would have made sure personally that he did not get in office if he said anything about grabbing women by their private parts. Mitch is Paul Ryan are sitting around quiet just making more money.
    Hillary Clinton should have won this seat…we would not have been in the mess that we are now in and she would cross over party lines and get along with all of the elected officials because she knows how..the other guy does not know how and he is not qualified.

  6. This is one of the best articles TRN has written. The topic of this article is racial hypocrisy. We have to talk about a situation much more serious than Bill Cosby (Boule Bill) and Bill O’ Reilly.

    Recently in Marksvillle Louisiana, a black police officer name Derrick Stafford was sentenced to 40 years in prison for shooting a car that was occupied by a white man and a 6 year old white boy. The white man was wounded but the 6 year old boy was killed. A black police officer will spend virtually the rest of his life for shooting and killing a unarmed 6 year old white boy. Statements such as “Blue lives matter,” “I feared for my life,” “I couldn’t see the suspect’s hands,” and “suspect was a threat to officer’s life” did not work for the black cop. The white judge and the entire white justice system took a black police officer’s freedom away for doing the exact same thing white police officers do to us!

    Contrast this with the white police officer who shot and killed 12 year old Tamir Rice. That white officer didn’t go to prison. Detroit police officer Joseph Weekly shot and killed unarmed 7 year old Aiyana Jones. That white police officer did not go to prison.* Let’s not forget Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shot and killed 17 year old Laquon McDonald. That white police officer continues to enjoy his freedom.

    The racist double standard in Amerikkka has existed for over 400 years. In the eyes of white supremacy, the biggest terrorist group is not Al Qaeda, not ISIS, not Bashar Al Assad, IT’S US! Diversity in Amerikkka is a myth. The justice system, hollywood and all of the major corporations are owned by white people. These rich white people are determined to destroy the black race; specifically the black man. White men like Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly are fully aware of the power that the black race possesses. They know that we have the intelligence, wisdom and strength to take away their money and power. Black police officer Derrick Stafford killed one of their own with their badge and gun, they threw him in prison. Bill Cosby was so rich and powerful, white supremacy destroyed his image, reputation and legacy! We are at war! It’s more important than ever for us to unite and recycle black dollars.

    P.S. We have to stop believing everything white people tell us!

    *The judge presiding in the trial of the Detroit cop who shot and killed Aiyana Jones was a black woman name Cynthia Gray Hathaway.


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