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A Glorified Hip Hop Health Hazard





Plean1romethazine codeine is normally used to cure a cough. The effects of codeine are similar to drugs like heroin and morphine but is not as addictive. Both codeine and promethazine are system depressants which slow breathing and give you a laid back feeling. One big problem is that those with heart conditions or breathing issues are at high risk of death. Your heart can stop or you can stop breathing altogether. As African Americans, issues like sleep apnea are very common so adding promethazine codeine to the mix isn’t the best thing to do. Rapper Pimp C died from abusing Texas Tea, knowing he had this issue. The industry has constantly glorified this dangerous substance and now they are paying for it!

While the death of Pimp C was suppose to be an example for those who enjoy sipping on “syrup”, the use of the drug has spread like wildfire. Syrup, or Texas Tea, is a mixture of promethazine codeine and a sweet drink of your choice. Stars like Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, and Justin Beiber have been known to sip this dangerous drink on the regular, but they won’t be doing it for long.

Actavis, a well known drug manufacture has made a decision to end their production of their high end promethazine codeine. The Actavis brand is like gold in the streets. A pint sized bottle goes for about eight hundred dollars and now that it is no longer in production, the value is even higher. According to TMZ, one rapper has offered a hundred thousand dollars for whatever they can get! When asked why they are ending the production of this highly valued product, they stated that the music industry is giving their product high amounts of negative attention and they’ve had enough. Unaffected by the discontinuation of Actavis promethazine codeine rapper Soulja Boy recently posted six bottles of the product offering to “serve” whoever is in need.

Although promethazine codeine is a Hollywood trend, it is not safe and should not be ingested unless it is prescribed. Although not publicized, there are so many celebrities who have been injured or arrested after engaging in drinking their “Texas Tea.”

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