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A League of Their Own: Diddy Says “Sell Me the NFL”

A League of Their Own: Diddy Says “Sell Me the NFL”


by G. Brown

The sides are clearly drawn in this  feud between  the NFL players and the president  and the battle keeps heating up.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys scheduled a meeting with players after he went public saying players will stand for the national anthem or sit on the sidelines during the game.

The current president is now threatening to use the government to penalize team owners through tax laws if players continue to kneel in protest of police brutality against people of color.

The controversy over the NFL player’s protest has brought out the worst in people.  But now it’s bringing out what may be one the best ideas.

Rapper/ music mogul Sean Diddy Combs posted an interesting reaction to all the controversy on Twitter…

Diddy may have been blowing off steam, but the idea has merit.  It’s an expensive proposition.  The cost of owning an NFL team can, according to the Bleacher Report, range from $100 to over a billion.  That low price might seem like a joke, but way back in the dark ages that’s all it cost.  That Bleacher article says, “The Halas family paid all of $100 to establish the Chicago Bears (then the Decatur Staleys) in 1920. It cost the Mara family $500 to found the New York Giants five years later. The Green Bay Packers were founded by the community and have never had a “sale price.Once upon a time, if you were a man with a crazy dream and $25,000, you could be the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills….”  That does sound like a fairy tale price from a galaxy far, far away.

Now days, it’ll cost you several hundred million to buy a pro football franchise and that’s a bargain. According to the Business Insider, Stan Kroenke bought the St. Louis Rams seven years ago for $750 million.  Today, the Rams are valued at $779 million. Not a bad return on an investment.

The same article says back in 1999, Dan Snyder paid $750 million for the Washington Redskins.  In 2017, the team is valued at $1.55 billion.  Buying a franchise is like any other investment venture…it’s risky and the return for a bottom ranked team won’t be as big as if it would if you were buying a super bowl winning team.

There are a few other things to consider when trying to buy a pro team—namely, where to buy one.  Few are willing to let go of a winning team unless they run into some serious cash flow issues.

That’s just for people looking to buy into the established league. Starting a league of your own is going to take more than just one team obviously.  The NFL currently has more than 30 teams established in the largest metropolitan areas in the country and is one of the strongest leagues worldwide.

But it hasn’t always been the only league.  Back in the early 60s, a number of team owners formed an upstart league after an expansion dispute with the NFL.   The AFL (American Football League) gave the NFL some competition  for 10 seasons from 1960 until 1969  and developed a pretty loyal fanbase.  A number of issues like attracting top draft choices, broadcasting contracts and rising player salaries put the squeeze on the fledgling AFL which eventually merged with the NFL but continued to operate as a separate league until 1970.

So, it’s been done before and a separate league could be done again.  The competition might improve the game for everybody including the players and the fans.  Diddy has proven himself to be a pretty shrewd businessman who parlayed his rapping talents into a net worth of close to a billion dollars.  He’s listed as hip hop’s wealthiest artist according to CNN Money and Forbes Magazine.  He’s definitely got a mind to make money, but Diddy seems motivated by more than just money this time…


What do you think…is Diddy on the path to a good idea?  Should there be another league?  Should pro football and pro basketball have more than one league?