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A U.S. Senator, A Beauty Pageant Contestant in a Burkini: Black, Beautiful & Breaking the Mold



by G. Brown

In spite of all the atmosphere of racial hate and Islamophobia, Blacks aren’t letting the new normal stop them from breaking traditional norms and reaching new heights.  TRN found three women who not only don’t fit the stereotypical molds, but they’re breaking them.

U.S. Senator-Elect Kamala Harris  Despite living in a liberal state like California, Harris has done something only one other Black woman has ever managed to achieve—she’s earned Californians votes to land a seat in the U.S. Senate.  Even more impressive is that Harris managed to find victory during one of the most racially divided election years in recent memory.  The 51 year old is currently the State Attorney General in California who graduated from Howard University before earning a law degree at the University of California.  Breaking glass ceilings is nothing new for this trailblazer, Harris was also the first woman ever to serve as attorney general in the golden state. You can also add she was the first African-American and Indian American to serve in that role as well–Harris is the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants. Harris just got elected to her first job in congress and already people are pushing her name to the top of of the list for a potential presidential run in 2020.

download-1Teen Beauty Pageant Contestant Breaks Barriers  For decades, we’ve seen young women objectified and demeaned in beauty pageants, but this Somali-American Teen is changing the way we look at beauty.  While part of the ritual judging includes seeing women

Halima Aden wore a navy blue, embroidered burkini — a full-body bathing suit — during the swimsuit competit

Halima Aden wore a navy blue, embroidered burkini — a full-body bathing suit — during the swimsuit competit

strip down to bikini’s, Halima Aden strutted across the stage wearing a “burkini”–a bathing suit that covers from neck to wrist to ankle.  And she also covered her

head with a Hijab as part of her Muslim belief.  The 19 year old says the support of her family gave her the strength and courage to stick to her morals and beliefs while competing.Winning wasn’t Aden’s main goal, she wanted to break racial barriers.  The college freshman said, “I just want to go on as myself…When you have a lot of women in our state that do wear the hijab, we should be able to see that everywhere.”   Aden made it to the top 15 semi-finals, but didn’t win the crown of Miss Minnesota USA.  Still, she was a victor for the night and history will remember her victory long  after the crown has tarnished.

b181f480deecf387064e4d2de4121dc1The Actress Who Could Be Queen–Well, a Royal  Even though she’s been starring on the USA hit show “Suits” for the last six years, many people never heard of actress Meghan Markle until she started dating Prince Harry of England.  TRN  first told you about Markle and how Prince Harry  three weeks ago and how the Prince came to the defense of the Black actress after rash of racist attacks.  Since then it appears Harry has introduced the love of his life to both his father, Prince Charles and the Queen Mother (his grandmom) as rumors fly that the two may be heading down the aisles soon.  Even if the two marry, it’s really doubtful Markle would ever actually be Queen of England.  The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth, officially the longest-reigning royal, is still kicking at 90 years old.  Even if she were to step down, Harry is fifth in line to the throne behind his father, his brother William the Duke of Cambridge and his two children, but Markle could still become a royal  if the rumors are true that Harry says Markle is the one.

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