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Abandoned Dumpster Baby Grows Up to be a Tech Entrepreneur & Genius




By: Leticia Latrice

More and more millennials are becoming millionaires. Millennials like Freddie Figgers are realizing they can make more money as entrepreneurs than employees.  The tradition of going to college and then ‘go get a “good” job’ is quickly fading away. So many people under the age of 30 are visionaries who are chasing their dreams by starting their own businesses. The innovative ideas these millennials are putting together are making them richer than they could ever become by working for someone else.

Freddie Figgers’ mother abandoned him by a dumpster as a new born. From being abandoned he had a rash so bad, it took him 16 years to cure it. Luckily 13 days later his was adopted by a wonderful couple. His adoptive parents taught him how to believe in himself and be happy despite his traumatic experience. Figgers credits his adopted parents for helping him become the man he is today. He states “It’s amazing that you can meet people like that, and till this day, I have never met my biological parents. I have never had the interest.”


At the age of 9 his father purchased him a computer made in 1989. He broke the computer down and put it back together 6 times. At the age of 12 he became a part of Net Quincy a local technology and telecommunications organization. He did so well there he got a part time job as a technician at the age of 16. Soon he realized that he could make more money himself. So he opened up a computer repair shop in his backyard. On average he would have  50-60 computers a week to repair. All of this was just the sign of great things to come for Figgers.

He then created a cloud database. He would go to dealerships and law firms to convert their databases to a cloud system. He attempted to go to college, but quickly dropped out once he saw he could make more money without a degree. From there he created banking security applications and senior citizens monitoring devices. In 2010 he started a telecommunications company with the money he made from his software programs. Even though he was challenged by the government and the FCC, he purchased his first cell phone tower for $400,000. He now has 18 cell phone towers and provides 4G wireless service with no contract.


Figgers Communications has made over 2.2 million dollars and is projected to make way more in the trillion dollar telecommunications industry. Figgers didn’t let his unfortunate experience as a child affect his life. He also made the right decision to drop out of college and focus on his business. Will this be a new common career path for the youth of this generation? Will children grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur instead of an employee? It sounds like a good idea. If a 15 year old can create a company and become a millionaire so can you!

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