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Abortion Bans Target The Defenseless




G. Brown

It’s been the trending topic on social media and headlines for the past two weeks-the abortion ban.  Eight states have passed bills to ban abortions provoking protests in most of the red states leading the charge to turn back the clock on an issue that the country thought was laid to rest nearly 50 years ago.

Abortions were legalized in 1973 after a Supreme Court decision legalized the procedure.  Before legalization, echoes of horror accompanied women down darkened back alleys in search of illegal abortions. Countless women faced agonizingly painful deaths at the hands of ill-equipped and often untrained abortionists who relied on over-the-counter medications or draconian measures like wire coathangers to terminate a pregnancy.   It was one of the many barbarous times in American history where those in power deemed themselves better qualified morally and intellectually to decide what should happen to the less privileged while trampling upon their lives and right.

Suddenly, red states are bathing in the blood of women who historically died trying to take the reigns to govern their own bodies. In some states, the bills are harsh and definitive-not even allowing exceptions for extenuating circumstances like life-threatening conditions or those who are pregnant because of rape.  Women who dare get abortions would be treated as criminals under threat of imprisonment.  One person posted on Twitter that an 11-year old girl who is raped and ends up pregnant would face a longer prison sentence than the man who rapes her if the child’s parents take her for an abortion.

Is this part of the plan to make America great again by allowing predominantly White men to decide this issue?  Should male lawmakers even be a part of this conversation?

The men passing these bills argue it’s a moral issue.  But what’s moral about forcing a woman who becomes pregnant after rape to birth that child.  The lawmakers argue that they are protecting fetuses, but once the child is born we don’t care if you have health care to cover the needs of that baby.

Just like in the days prior to Roe v. Wade, women desperate enough will seek out abortions.  Abortion bans will do nothing to deter that reality except to criminalize women.  When sweeping laws like these come through, it’s usually minorities who get swept away.  Just like the drug laws disproportionately affected Blacks. says, “…the recent abortion bans will not stop abortions from happening. They will only ensure that some groups — specifically, poor people and people of color — are disproportionately punished when seeking access to abortions.”

The current wave of abortion restrictions aren’t about morality or protecting Christian values.  They are designed to empower and protect men.  Where’s the portion of the bill that says the men who impregnate girls and women will also be held responsible under the law?  What happens to the man who demands and pays for the abortion–why is he charged?

The move to make America great again is looking like a time travel scheme straight out of the twilight zone.  So far we’ve seen efforts to reverse immigration laws, detach from NATO alliances, restrict free speech and deny global warming and now abortion rights are being leveled.  What’s next on the chopping block–repealing the 13th amendment and making slavery great again.


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    NBA is fixed

    May 21, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Don’t forget that many white women throughout America voted for Trump. Something to think about; the white men who claim that women can not receive an abortion after they have been raped are the same white men who failed to incarcerate convicted rapist like Brock Turner, Owen Labrie, Jacob Walter Anderson and Shane Piche. The four convicted rapist I just named, what do they have in common, they’re white! Where is the “Me Too” movement?

    PS: Convicted rapist Shane Piche raped a 14 year old girl. He did not go to prison.

  2. Avatar

    Shawn J.

    May 20, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    No comment

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