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3 African Trends Embraced By Hollywood




Most new trends are recreations of things taken from influential people or things of the past. Throughout the years, there were many classic trends that stem from the African culture and some are still relevant today. Whether you’re a minimalist, a fashion queen or fall somewhere in the middle, I bet some part of your signature look was influenced by African culture.

sTribal Makeup

African face painting is performed for hunting, religion and military reasons. This cultural traditional takes time and skill and looks beautiful once completely executed. Full of bright colors and intricate lines, this trend has inspired many people in the fashion world, and many makeup artist have out their spin on this trend. The Kardashian sisters were caught rocking tribal makeup on a trip to Thailand. Fans took quite a liking to this trend and I’m sure we will being seeing it more on everyday women.

lBody Piercings

From religious reasons to enhancing sexual pleasure, body piercings have been a trend for centuries. In African culture, piercings in the lip, ear, and eyebrow were very popular in the community. Today, piercings are worn mostly for aesthetic reasons and some people even pierce things you never thought were possible! Vixens like Black Chyna look awesome rocking cheek piercings, and even men like Lil Wayne are influenced by this trend.


hThe Turban

Fun prints and bright colors can promote self expression when wearing a head wrap. African women tie their wraps with beautiful knots and woven patterns to announce social status and fashion taste. Today, women are using scarves and beautiful pieces of fabric to protect their natural hair or to add a little spice to their wardrobe. Stars like Lauren Hill and Ledisi can be spotted rocking this trend.

Has your personal style been influenced by the motherland?

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