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Alfre Woodard: ‘Black Women Run Hollywood’




The talk around town is that there is a powerful force that controls every aspect of Hollywood. This secret society controls how much money comes in, how much success the stars receive, and how many mind games they can play on the general public.

For some time now the world has deemed this society as a mysterious conglomerate that is identifiable by status, wealth, and a number of different symbols that suggest membership, but what would make us think they would make themselves that easy to notice?

All of this time huge hip-hop stars and television talk show hosts have gained all the credit to controlling all of the ins and outs of Hollywood, but the real game changers have been the people you see the least of—Black women.

That’s right. Black women run Hollywood, and they do it in the slickest of ways. Instead of running for the top roles in movies, they play the housewives, best friends, and nannies. Instead of reaching for the spotlight, they race towards the backlight.

They infiltrate your minds by laying low behind the scenes. While the world underestimates their power, they use that power to control the entertainment industry.

Sounds silly, right? Well, for the most part, it is.

While the above was a little exaggerated, the power of Black women in Hollywood was not. Head over to “Funny or Die” on YouTube to see the comedic (and dramatic) skit featuring Megan Good, Alfre Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jurnee Smollett, and a few other Black comediennes and actresses.

They use satire, witticism, and comical examples to explain just how Black women have come up in entertainment. It is a funny twist on a matter that does not get enough attention.

Watch the video here and see exactly what Woodard is talking about:


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