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“All I Want For Christmas is Mariah Carey’s Voice Back” – Mariah Carey Bombs Performance




Mariah Carey stunned an audience in New York during a performance, but not in a good way.

After performing her very own Christmas classic “All I want for Christmas is You,” she had fans concerned and worried about her voice.  Could it be time for the once, ‘R&B Diva’ to give up her mic? While some people were giving her the benefit of the doubt, there were people who were relentless in judging her performance.

According to, “Mariah sounded nothing, and when we say nothing we mean nothing, like her former self when she helped switch on the lights at the Rockefeller Centre yesterday by singing All I Want For Christmas.”

“After being forced to perform live after missing her pre-recording the 44-year-old gave an excruciating performance.”

“Her voice cracks, she misses pretty much all the notes and she looks, well pretty uncomfortable.

This performance is following a previous under-par performance back in October when people suspected alcohol responsible for messing with her vocals.”

@Exquisite_MsD: “They say you lose some octaves after child birth BUT Mariah Carey sounded bad.”

@MrWordsWorth“All I want for Christmas is Mariah Carey’s voice back.”

@DaveandChuck: “was that Mariah Carey or a dying seagull?” 

Despite the nay-sayers, I’ll be brave enough to say that I still have faith in Mariah Carey.  She’s had a very rough year with her divorce from Nick Cannon among other things.  But lets not forget that Mariah Carey is a legend in her own right.  She is the only singer in the Pop world that created her own octave.  I remember that, and I know you remember that.  And as soon as she remembers that, she go back to being all we want for Christmas.

What are your thoughts on Mariah Carey’s voice? Click here to watch the video!

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