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Exuding confidence can be a challenge for most of us because we are usually our own worst critic. Either we’re too big, too small, or have some weird wrinkle that no one else sees. Being hard on yourself can actually affect how you live life, sometimes causing anxiety or deep depression. Put some pep in your step and take control of your emotions by using these tips to boost your confidence.

Sex Therapy Dance Class

Feeling sexy is an essential way to boost your confidence. Your energy is very contagious and if there is even a bit of doubt in your mind, it will show on your face. If you want to dial up the sexy taking a sex therapy dance class can help you turn up the volume. With class titles like “Sultry Stretch” and “Twerkout” sex therapy dance uses sexy dance moves that can also help shed some pounds. Participating in this hobby can also improve your sex life by learning new ways to seduce your partner. Other classes like pole dance and stiletto fit are other ways to give you a dose of sexy and help with things like shyness and body image.

The Morning Chant

Ever run into a woman you feel is a bit too confident? Chances are her parents woke her up every morning and told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world. If studies show a woman can think her way to outrageous things like pregnancy symptoms, why can’t you think your way to feeling beautiful? Find a short simple saying like the one shown above to say when you are feeling a little less than confident. This is a great way to start each day and can help your emotional state even when you feel like nothing is going right.

Take a Selfie

Sometimes it is up to us to redefine our own beauty and embrace what we are born with. Hollywood and social media have made it almost impossible for women to love themselves, we are obsessing over the smallest things. Taking a selfie allows you to reflect on yourself at different angles and accept the flaws that make you unique. It is obvious that most people only post pictures they feel most confident about and scrolling through those pictures can show you that you are beautiful.

It is easy to look beautiful, but very challenging to feel it. Find a hobby or a new technique to help hold your head high!

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