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Amber Rose Gets Book Deal That Will Teach Our Girls to be “Bad B*tches”




By Joshua D. Copeland

Close your eyes and take a second to imagine a world where women – young (really young) and old-  are all walking around calling themselves “bad b*tches…” Did you smile, or did you flinch?

We are all for confident women, but is striving to be a “bad b*tch” something you really want to be teaching young girls?  Amber Rose seems to think so.  Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books announced that she will be writing How to Be a Bad B*tch on Wednesday.

In this book, Rose will be sharing her secrets on how to be successful in the topics of love, beauty, fashion, finances and a career, along with advice for self-acceptance and confidence for women.  The book is scheduled for publication on October 27th of 2015.

According to Rose, a “bad b*tch” is a “self-respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances and swagger; a woman who gets hers by any means necessary.”

So far, Gallery Books Vice President and Publisher Jennifer Bergstrom is excited about Rose’s new project.  Bergstrom said: “Amber Rose is the ultimate cool girl who you want to be best friends with. I know a lot of women who will want to read this book.”

Rose was introduced to Gallery Books thanks to her manager Nick Cannon, whose company Nick’s Ncredible Entertainment, is represented by ICM.  Rose was represented by ICM and attorney Walter Mosley on the deal. Jeremie Ruby-Strauss acquired the work for Gallery Books from Doug Johnson, according to

Rose’s heart is definitely in the right place for wanting to empower young women.  Especially with the catchy title. But surprisingly, there are many mature, intelligent and independent women who look down on the “Bad B*tch” mantra.  They find that it negatively feeds into a woman’s ego and pride, resulting in a “b*tchy” mentality.  And while there are plenty out there who take the label of a “Bad B*tch” as a compliment, it actually sounds degrading to most women.

Yeah, these women could very well be your typical haters.  And sure, humility is no longer in style.  But really ask yourself:  is being a “b*tch” of any kind attractive?  You’ll find that most men don’t think so, either.

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