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Andre 3000 Talks About His Role as Jimi Hendrix in New Movie “All is On My Side”




Among the many other biopics coming out this year drenched in negativity, this one is arguably the most anticipated one of them all.   Outkast’s very own Andre 3000 is going to be starring as Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming movie All is On My Side.

And at first glance, the trailer looks amazing!

This film is going to tell the story of Jimi Hendrix and his journey leading up to the Monterey Film Festival. According to his historic past, it was where he performed the song, “All is On My Side,” and it became  the event that put Jimi Hendrix on the map.

Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) shows his acting has elevated to a new level, proving in just the trailer alone that he nails the voice and coolness of the legendary guitarist. This film is going to be directed by 12 Years a Slave executive producer John Ridley, so we can expect nothing but a solid product.  However, All is On My Side is going to be presenting a little twist: There won’t be any Jimi Hendrix songs.

What? Turns out the Hendrix songs will actually be covers performed by Andre 3000. Well, we’re in for a treat regardless, so no complaints here. Andre 3000 told Urban Daily how he approached playing this iconic role.

“How was that whole experience of just getting into the Jimi Hendrix character?
I camped down in California. I didn’t speak to my friends really cause I had to change my voice and my accent. I have a thick Southern drawl, so I had to listen hours of Hendrix interviews and had to lose a lot of weight. But it was a great experience, and I cannot wait until everybody sees it. I haven’t seen even seen a bit of it yet.”

The movie is going to cover the two years that changed Hendrix’s life which happened to be four years before his death. The project will explore 1966-1967 when Hendrix was an unknown backup guitarist at New York’s Cheetah Club. We then will get to see how he made his way to London and changed the music scene forever. What most are really waiting for is the execution of Hendrix’s relationship with his guitar and his mad strumming skills. There will be appearances from stars like Hayley Atwell, Burn Gorman, Imogi Roots. The movie premieres September 26, 2014.

Watch this video of Andre 3000 talking more about his drastic measures of becoming Hendrix. It’s really interesting. I think this movie is going to be amazing. How about you?


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