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Here We Go Again: 3 People Who Say “Empire Was Their Idea”




By Joshua D. Copeland

How many people are going to sue Lee Daniels for allegedly “stealing their stories” in the form of Fox’s Empire?

Well, the latest accuser of Daniels’ bio-theft is none other than Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III.  Apparently Empire was a clone to Gaye’s original pilot, Diamonds & Ballads.  The D&B pilot was pitched to the American Writer’s Guild back in 2010.  It was another story that revolved around the idea of a Black family empire.

Maybe he’s trying to keep the momentum going with these lawsuits.  After all, his family came out victorious in the lawsuit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke for royalties of the summer hit Blurred Lines  which the Gayes say was copied their Dad’s (Marvin Gaye) smash hit “Got to Give It Up .  Trying your luck couldn’t hurt, right?  While Gaye may be taking credit for the idea of “Empire”, his attorney Paul Philips  says he won’t be suing the show or its creators at this time. Gaye’s attoryney was quoted on saying -“My client has not filed a lawsuit regarding the Empires series.”

But Gaye is not the only one who claims that Daniels’ stole their life story. Remember Ron Newt?  The gangsta pimp? The “known ghetto player?”  Probably not.  But, he was the one who filed a lawsuit against Daniels and Fox for stealing the concept fo his life-story documentary Bigger Than Big.  He was planning to sue the director and network for a total of $1 billion dollars.  But because he had no copyrights to his own story.  Still, there could have been a slim possibility of becoming a billionaire (?).

The most shocking victim of delusion is rap mogul P.Diddy.  Even he has tried to sue Empire for – you guessed it – stealing his life story.

“It’s basically my life except the ALS stuff,” Diddy said in an interview. “All the homosexuality and everything that’s pretty much been done too. They might as well have called it Breaking Bad Boy.”

Diddy continued, “they basically are detailing everything I had to go through: the shootouts, working with Timbaland, and divas going to prison. I mean, all of it. I think they might owe me some royalties. You can’t just put out the Sean Combs Biography without paying me and I’m filing a $100 million dollar lawsuit.”

From the sound of it, the entitlement is strong within these individuals.  And you notice that they’re all only speaking up because the show is a hit.  Would they still be suing if the show was a dud?

What are your thoughts on these alleged accusations and lawsuits?

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