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Baby North Books her First Gig: Are Kim and Kayne Exploiting their 1-Year Old?




Looks like North West is making her debut already in her modeling career.  She is plastered on the fall issue of CR Fashion Book.  Talk about connections!

Okay so before we go in on her compass-resembling name, remember, it’s not the baby’s fault and that we have the parents to blame.  Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and her senseless reality show, or Kanye West, with his public temper-tantrums and frequent and unpleasant encounters with the paparazzi.

If there is one thing these two did do right, it’s that they made one adorable baby.  Adopting her mother’s drop-dead gorgeous exterior and Kanye’s…self-confidence (Maybe? Hopefully…hopefully not too much of it?), North has everything she needs to make her mark in the fashion world.

Taken by photographer, Michael Avedon the picture is titled, “North West, The Future.”  The photo shows North chilling in her onesie, earrings, and what looks like a high brand fashion purse.  It’s a black and white screen shot with a quote by Karl Lagerfield saying “It’s never too early to care about fashion!”

Baby North already has an outstanding portfolio, along with joining her parents, Kim and Kanye on the cover of the April issue of Vogue Magazine.

This cover was made possible by the CR Fashion Book creator, Carine Roitfield, who just happened to be a friend of both Kim and Kanye.

There’s no telling that little Norie has a bright future ahead of her – how many people do you know who start their careers at the age of 1?  This baby is going to grow to be as beautiful as her mother, and who knows? She might be America’s next top model, if she keeps up her adorable features.

What do you think about little Norie’s fashion debut at the age of one? Tell us what you think! Comment and share!

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