Home News Atlanta Anchor Shuts Down Racist Viewer Who Called Her “N-Word”
Atlanta Anchor Shuts Down Racist Viewer Who Called Her “N-Word”

Atlanta Anchor Shuts Down Racist Viewer Who Called Her “N-Word”


by G. Brown

Atlanta has its first Black female mayor.  But the accomlishment is being lost in racial tension so vitriolic  that it spilled over onto a local anchor.

The entire election was a nail biter right down to the end with Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms  squeaking out a win with a mere 759 votes over Councilwoman Mary Norwood.  This wasn’t just  Norwood against Bottoms, but more like a reenactment of the civil war with Republicans vs Democrats, Blacks vs Whites in an inverted North vs South battle. The primarily White areas of North Atlanta voted for Republican candidate Norwood while the mostly African American populated Southern areas supported Democrat Lance Bottoms. One Emory University Professor summed up the night saying, “The north was racially polarized voting; there is still a racially polarized … North-South divide that still holds in the city.”

In a year where racial polarization has been bubbling over,  it was just a matter of time before this heated political contest blew like a power keg.  So it did…not between the candidates, but between a Black News anchor and a viewer.

Being on the losing side is never easy, and as it became clear that Bottoms was going to end on top in the results, one supporter couldn’t seem to harness her disappointment and lashed out at CBS 46 anchor Sharon Reed. Maybe @kathyrae thought she would hurl racial epithets at the nearest Black she could find and hide behind the anonymity of the internet, but Reed called her out LIVE AND ON AIR..

Reed immediately became the darling of the twitterverse with many people showing their support…

But some weren’t content with just sending Reed words of support and wanted to track down the person behind the email…and they did!

Once users tracked down @kathyrae, they notified the school district where she worked to alert her supervisors.  Based on how other hatemongers outed on social media has played out, this doesn’t look good for @kathyrae.

Reed’s handling of this matter was to quote a twitter user “masterful”. She could have silently taken the insult, dismissed it or tried to keep it off the air.  But she brought it out in the light of day where evil never likes to found.  If nothing more, Reed’s actions may foster a convo about politics and race or at least educate people about what not to say online.  It certainly has proven to be an education for @kathyrae.