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“It Makes Me Want to Vomit”: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Outrage Over New TV Show

by TRN Staff Writers, People weren’t happy last year at the thought of a White actor portraying Michael Jackson when it was announced.  Now that a trailer has been released with actor Joseph Fiennes as Jackson in the British TV show “Urban Myths”, people still aren’t finding the idea behind the comedy show very funny. […]

Press VS Pres-Elect: CouldTrump’s Battle with “Fake News” Affect Your Tweets and Posts

by G. Brown President-elect Donald Trump’s first news conference in six months didn’t seem like much to get excited about since Trump manages daily coverage in one form or another in the mainstream media.  So who knew Trump would come unhinged (OK, that part is a given) over the media(boom-there’s the bombshell). Trump declared all […]

Denzel Washington Turned Down Role He Called Racist

by G. Brown We look at people in their current state and think they’ve always been that way.  We think all Christians have always been saved and Bible readers…we think all homeless people have always been near do wells who couldn’t get their lives together…and we think all celebrities have always been famous, rich and […]

Tears, Fears and Hope Following President Obama’s Farewell Address

by G. Brown At 9:00 Tuesday night, President Obama sauntered down a red carpet to say his farewell address to America as its Commander in Chief.  At 9:02, viewers began tearing up at the revelation of what’s occurred in the last eight years and the bleak prospect of what may lie ahead. Even the President […]

“Hidden Fences”? Get the # Ready Golden Globes Because Twitter is on It

by TRN Writers, Oh, live award shows always give us so many unscripted, embarrassingly human moments. Whether it’s Kanye storming the stage to interrupt at the VMA’s or Steve Harvey declaring the wrong winner, live TV mishaps, well happen.  Don’t let the “live TV” moment fool you because if you miss it, the moment will […]

Surprise Wins & Actress to Trump-“Disrespect Invites Disrespect”: Top 3 Moments at Golden Globes 2017

by G. Brown The new year  has already given us our first awards show of 2017 in the form of the the 74th Annual Golden Globes. The Oscars may seem to be the more coveted prize, but the Globes as the predecessor is often a pretty accurate prognosticator of  academy award winners.  Basically, the two […]

“Chasing Destiny” Canceled, Reality Star Dead at 23 & Prince Still Making Music : Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, Prince, “All Your Love”  Actress, singer Kat Graham says you can thank Prince for all the funky, old school vibes you’ll hear on her new single “All Your Love”.  Graham told Huffington Post that she worked closely with the music icon in putting the album together.  She remembers one conversion in […]

Oh God! Octavia Spencer’s Role as God in “The Shack” Causing Christian Backlash

by G. Brown It’s the greatest story of all time…so of course Hollywood wants to tell it on screen as it has been doing since the beginning…of Tinsel Town not existence. Hollywood’s latest silver screen attempt at putting God in a box comes in the movie “The Shack”  based on a fictional book by William […]

Drake & JLo a Couple?, Tupac a Rock Legend & “To Sir, With Love”: Celebrity Wrap Up

“Fake Love” or “Could This Be Love” These days, it doesn’t take much to get the twitterverse buzzing, but Twitter is on the verge of a virtual meltdown with the rumor of this latest Hollywood hook up.  With sites like Huffington Post, TMZ, BET and USMagazine reporting that Drake and JLo have been spending lots […]

Reel Time: “Run Forrest Run”-#TrumpsComingChallenge

by TRN Staff Writers Say what you will about millennials, but no one can ever accuse them of not having a sense of humor. Generations X,Y & Z have gotten the most use out of viral videos by introducing us to some of the funniest compilations with their #Challenges. Honestly, we thought they couldn’t top […]

Would You Feel Violated: Is Groping Passengers Making Our Flights Safer?

by G. Brown It started with a simple, ‘step this way ma’am’ and ended with CNN’s guest contributor Angela Rye feeling violated and in tears. It’s what happens to countless people at airports daily as they try to fly home, to job meetings or on vacation. Rye recently videoed and posted the extra security measure […]

“Get Over Your F**king Fear”: A White Man Talks to White America

by G. Brown It was a long shot that failed.  A few faithful were holding out hope that faithless electors would right an election wrong and flip the presidency.  Their hopes quickly diminished as the state-by-state votes rolled in on Monday December 19th and affirmed that Donald Trump was still the winner and will serve […]

Tina The Musical & “The Jeffersons” Reboot: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers Let the “Good Times” roll with “The Jeffersons”  In the 70’s, TV series like “The Jeffersons” and “Good Times” introduced many White audiences to Black families.  Though both shows did well in the ratings,  some critics found the sitcoms anything but funny because of the many negative “sterotypes” portrayed including actors […]

History Repeats Itself: African Descendants Being Ripped from their own Land

by G. Brown If you ever head down the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia or Florida you’re bound to run into the islanders who speak with a vernacular so unique it’s made them famous.  These coastal lands are the home to the Gullah/ Geechee people who speak a blend of their ancestral West and Central […]

Justice for the Victims of Charleston Church Shooting: But Will Dylann Roof Still See a Race War?

by G. Brown It was pretty much an open and shut case that lasted less than a week with excruciating testimony that relived the sorrow and carnage inside Mother Emmanuel AME Church on June 17th of last year. That was the day gunman Dylann Roof drove to a prayer service at the Charleston SC church […]

Meet ‘Clarence Claus’: Black Santa Wrapping Gifts This Christmas

By TRN Staff Writers It’s amazing no one thought of this before now, but it’s pretty cool someone thought of it this year…Black Santa wrapping.  The paper comes from the mind of Jackie Rodgers who told NBC News last year she searched and searched for a wrapping paper that “reflected her family, preferably a melanin-rich […]

Legend on Kanye’s “Publicity Stunt” as Trump Tool & Why LeBron is Wearing That Safety Pin: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Writers Legend says Trump played Kanye  Kanye’s strange meeting with president-elect Donald Trump is still drawing some heated reactions. Perhaps among the harshest criticisms from friend and fellow entertainer John Legend.  In a recent interview with Clique.tv, the singer songwriter called Kanye’s meeting with Trump a “publicity stunt” and said that he was […]

“We Ain’t Supposed to Be Living This Way”: Martin Lawrence’s Decades Old Interview Still Rings True

by G. Brown Martin Luther King gave us the wisdom that “the ultimate measure of a man…is where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Comedian, actor, producer, writer Martin Lawrence hopefully knows that quote especially since he’s lived through some controversy a time or two.  He was sued by former co-star  Tischa Campbell […]