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Breaking News-FOX Now Facing Race Discrimination Lawsuit

by TRN Staff Writer When it rains lawsuits…it pours.  And FOX News is going to need a bigger umbrella. First the allegations and alleged subsequent settlements after years of female employees claiming sexual harassment by former News Chief Roger Ailes and former “O’Reilly Factor” anchor Bill O’Reilly. Now, a new class action lawsuit has been […]

Shea Moisture Was Right- You Done “F-ed Up” Shea Moisture! Real Bad

by G. Brown Hair care is serious business…especially for women of color! Black hair care generates an estimated 500 billion dollars a year.  Sistas trying to keep it natural know which products they can rely on like that faithful old stand-by shea butter.  So when you name your company Shea Moisture—you pretty much know that […]

Serena Takes on Racist Remarks & Beyonce Gives Back: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writer, GAME…SET…MATCH-Serena Backhands Racist Pregnancy Comments  On the tennis court, Serena uses a racket and a serious forehand to rally a match.  Off the court, she’s got a pretty mean backhand when you come for her with racist nonsense.  This is the lesson Romania’s Fed Cup captain former U.S.  and French Open […]

Oh Jesse-WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Fans Speak Out on Jesse Williams’ Divorce

by G. Brown Jesse Williams movie star good looks, deeply stirring words and emphatic voice for all things Black have made the “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams the darling of social media.  But ‘live by social media-die by social media’ if fans get a whiff of you not living up to what you preach. Williams […]

Her Cells Led to Medical Miracles, But Why Couldn’t They Save Henrietta Lacks?

by TRN Staff Writer, How would you feel if some small part of you were used to unlock mysteries in the universe… save countless lives and no one bothered to acknowledge your contribution or even take the time to even say thank you?  That in a nutshell, is the story of the life and death […]

Farewell to “The Main Ingredient” of Classic Soul : Music Monday & Cuba Gooding Sr.

by TRN Staff Writers, If you listened to soul music in the 70’s, then the name ‘Cuba Gooding’ didn’t stir images of “Jerry Maguire” or “The People v O.J. Simpson”; Instead the name Cuba Gooding made fans sway and swoon to the rhythms of  hard core soul music. Cuba Gooding Sr.’s raspy, soulful voice helped […]

Twitter Fired Up over FOX Anchor Firing, But Is The Celebration too Soon?

by G. Brown It was without a doubt the firing that shot around the world.  FOX News finally took a stand against its top rated host Bill O’Reilly and booted him from the network after years and years of sexual harassment charges leveled against the anchor. “The O’Reilly Factor” host  came under fire recently as […]

Serena’s New Ace & Will Smith Granting Wishes: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writer, Serena Williams First Comes Love…Engagement…and Now Baby Carriage  For several hours, Serena Williams was the top trending conversation on social media and it wasn’t because of a chop shot or a backhand swing.  The No. 1 singles Women’s tennis champ seven times in a row has landed another ace–this time  motherhood. […]

Chappelle Nails Netflix’s Most Watched Comedy Special Ever!

by TRN Staff Writers, Netflix has slowly been carving its own niche building the streaming service into more than just a rewind of movies and and other networks’ programming.  The streaming service has been doing what the Atlantic once referred to as “reverse engineering Hollywood” and in the process changing how you look at TV […]

Prince’s Opiods Use, Janet’s BFF Dismisses Gold Digger Rumors: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writer, “Controversy” Surround Unsealed Records on Death of Prince   Just  four days before the year anniversary marking the death of iconic performer Prince, reports emerged from newly unsealed court records that the “Purple Rain” singer’s home was full of painkiller pills, some in bottles that were labeled as aspirins but contained […]

Why People are Calling ‘Facebook Killer Stevie Stephens’ Fake News

by G. Brown **UPDATE**:  11:55am ET  04/18/2017  Manhunt for Steve Stephens ends after officials say the suspect shot and killed himself.   The 37 year Stephens reportedly shot and killed himself following what’s described as a brief police chase in Erie County, Pennsylvania where State troopers spotted the suspect.  The troopers attempted a traffic stop but […]

Janet Strolling With Son & LeBron’s New School: Black Hollywood Wrap

by TRN Staff Writers, LeBron’s Schooling a New Generation From the time he could walk and dribble a ball, LeBron’s been schooling his competition on the courts. His entire 14 year NBA career split between the Cleveland Cavs and Miami Heat has been one victory after another.  Now the 3 x NBA champion is taking […]

Fans Mourn the Loss of Comedian Charlie Murphy

by G. Brown    He was best known as the big brother of superstar Eddie Murphy.  But Charlie Murphy didn’t just follow in his famous brother’s footsteps nor linger in his shadow, he carved out his own path. The comedian who made so many laugh is the reason so many are shedding a tear this […]

Hughley On Syrian Attack & Rapper Claims Police Stole $1 Million Worth of Jewelry: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writer DL Hughley on U.S. Syrian Strike “Trump…attacking “poor Brown people“. While conservatives on the right and the MSM cheered President Trump’s U.S. missile strike on Syria last week as a show of strength, Hughley might sum it up as typical political bullying of people of color.  Hughley said, “…I think nothing’s […]

“12 Years a Slave” Writer Accused of”Erasing” Black Women From His New Showtime Series

by TRN Staff Writer, Director John Ridley’s decision to in effect “erase” a key female Black actress from a movie about the Black revolution of 60s and 70s may prove to not be one of his best decisions.   Essence.com  says the director is getting a lot of push back from viewers  who took part […]

How Did This Happen on A U.S. Flight? Could It Happen to You

by G. Brown The viral video has left people numb wondering could they be dragged, punched and bloodied from a flight that they paid to be on?  The short answer is yes.  As we saw, it happened to a doctor on that United Airlines flight who was physically removed from his seat by police because […]

Who’s in “Control” in Marriage: What We Can Learn From Janet Jackson’s Marital Woes

by TRN Staff Writer, Twitter…IG…YouTube—It’s the story trending everywhere: “Janet Jackson and Billionaire Husband Split!” From the time the story broke over the weekend, news sites were trying to get a handle on one burning question…’what went wrong in the seemingly fairy tale union of an American superstar to the Qatari billionaire?’ The 50 year […]

A Black and White Look at Sexual Harassment Against Woman

by G. Brown   This is a story about two men named Bill.  Both are rich, high-profile celebrities. Both are accused of crimes against women.  One Bill is Black, the other White.    The Black man named Bill is virtually destroyed and put on trial after as many as 60 women allege that he used […]

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