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Free at Last, Free At Last: O.J Simpson Granted Parole

by TRN Staff Writer, O.J. Simpson says he’s been famous since he was 19 years old.  But the former football star and movie actor has spent the last 20 years infamous following the murder of his former wife, his trial and acquittal in her murder and then imprisonment on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. On […]

They Lost their Minds at HBO-A Show Based on What If Slavery Was Legal?

by G. Brown HBO is usually lauded for its  creatively ground breaking, superbly written and executed shows.   But its latest project just announced already has the twittersphere hurling cries of racism. HBO announced on Wednesday its new alternate historical drama series called “Confederate”.  The show takes place in a reality where the south successfully […]

What Really Happened to Michael Jefferson Inside an Illinois Prison?

by G. Brown Michael Jefferson’s family wants answers.  The 27 year old Black man was a loved brother and son who’s mother Janel Charles is mourning his death while trying to get a handle on how he died.  Jefferson suffered from bipolar disorder since he was first diagnosed as a child.  His unfortunate mental condition […]

Colin Kaepernick Implies Mike Vick Has Been Brainwashed by White People

by G. Brown Usually when the issue of “Black Hair” comes up, it’s about women in the workplace who may be sporting natural locks or braids that are considered ‘inappropriate” for the corporate world.   So how did we leap from White people telling Blacks how to wear their hair, to Blacks telling Black people […]

Are Parents to Blame for R. Kelly’s So Called Sex Cult? TRN Follow Up

by TRN Writers Almost as soon as news broke that some parents are accusing singer R. Kelly of “brainwashing” young women and holding them hostage in a sex cult, there were young women rushing in to defend him. TRN told you on Monday about a Buzzfeed article  saying “R. Kelly has been accused of “brainwashing” at least […]

Walmart Apologizes for Ad Calling Hair Product “N*gger Brown”

by G. Brown Walmart may want to rethink its slogan “Live Better” after making life miserable for a huge portion of its customers.   Twitter lit up when someone posted a picture of the weaving  net for hair extensions ad.  The slur “N*gger Brown” was listed in the headline for the product and in the […]

Move Over Dad, Blue Ivy’s Got Something to Say: Music Monday

by TRN Writers, Boom Shaka Laka-Blue Ivy Spitting Verses  The Carters have been owning net news since June  when Momma Bey came birth to twins.  That collective sigh you heard worldwide last week was when Beyonce and hubby JayZ posted the first look at twins Rumi and Sir Carter.   But the Carters don’t want […]

R. Kelly Accused of Brainwashing Women in his Sex Cult

by TRN Writers, Singer R. Kelly hasn’t had a hit in a while, but he may get hit with more lawsuits following new  accusations.  The 50 year old singer is accused of brainwashing young women and keeping them in a sex cult. Rolling Stone Magazine released the story online citing a Buzzfeed article saying “R. […]

Bey Introduces Twins to the World, Shaq’s Son Not Walking in His Footsteps & DMX Arrested: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, Meet the Carters’-Sir and Rumi      It’s the moment the Beyhive has been waiting for…when Mother Bey finally gives her fandom the first glimpse of her twin babies.  Still clinging to the Goddess image,  Beyoncé posted a celestial photo of her cradling the twins with a garden of flowers arching behind […]

Emmy Noms 2017: Who’s On The List & Who’s Shut Out

by TRN Writers, The 69th Annual Emmy Awards watch is now officially on with an early morning announcement of what shows and actors are up for the coveted prize. Actor Shemar Moore as one of the representatives given the honor of announcing the honorees had his work cut out for him since this year’s list […]

JayZ, Chris Rock, Jesse Williams’ Life Confessions & TV Series “She’s Gotta Have It”:Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Headed to Netflix Back in the late ’80s, long before Spike Lee was a household name, he was just a brother trying to make it as a director/actor/writer.  He used a credit card and his own money to bring his dream of being a director into reality […]

TRN Follow Up: Maia Campbell to ” LL Cool J “Pray”

by TRN Writer From the time it hit YouTube, the video was viral and erupted in a wave of reaction that the poster might not have expected including from actor/rapper LL Cool J. Earlier this week, TRN brought you the story of a YouTube video of actress Maia Campbell asking a guy for drugs outside […]

We May Be Sick of the Russia Drama, But We Can’t Afford to Ignore It

by G. Brown I was talking with a friend the other day (well, actually it was the CEO of TheReelNetwork, but the classification still applies) and we came to the topic of what’s going on in politics.  Or to be more precise, what’s not going on? For months now, the nation and the world have […]

Nelsan Ellis’ Family Shares His Drug and Alcohol Problems In Hopes of Helping Others

by TRN Writers, The sudden death of “True Blood” actor Nelsan Ellis has left fans and co-stars in shock.  Ellis was only 39 years when he died of heart failure over the weekend. Now comes new details from his family as to what may have caused the young man’s heart to stop beating.  In a […]

Rapper LL Cool J Comes to the Defense of Maia Campbell After Guy Posts Video of Her Begging for Drugs

by G. Brown This story shows us two sides of human nature. One is the despicable, disgusting side of  man who thinks it’s funny to laugh at the misfortune of a former star.  The other is the side is portrayed by LL Cool J who saw the video posted of his former co-star begging for […]

Black and Women of Color Protesters Gunning for the NRA

by G. Brown Some things just go together…peanut butter & jelly, socks & shoes, Ashford and Simpson.  Some things simply don’t go together—peanut butter & sardines, knife and spoon, Blacks and the NRA.  That last coupling was just inserted as a jump off get in to the topic…do Black people join, like, care about or […]

What the Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian Social Media Implosion Says About Us All

by G. Brown The Blac Chyna/Rob Kardasian drama was so brutal, hard hitting and fast moving that  keeping up with the Kardasians on social media was like an Olympic sport.  The he-said/she said/ he released naked pics of Chyna cheating/the supposed side piece released more naked pics to get back at Rob/You cheated on me […]

Just Because You Call It ‘Road Rage’ Doesn’t Mean it’s not Racism

by G. Brown It’s the kind of story that simply breaks your heart.  18 year old Bianca Nikol Roberson was so excited to be heading off to college.  She was just driving home from a shopping spree to buy a new wardrobe for college when her path unfortunately crossed that of 28 year old David […]