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Rapper T.I. Says We Have to Find a Strategy to Combat White Supremacy Insanity

by G. Brown, These are the times that try Black men and women’s soul—if we can paraphrase Thomas Paine’s words from 1776.  Paine wrote those words as the opening statements in his pamphlets “The American Crisis”…almost 250 years later, that title couldn’t be more relevant. Since last week’s deadly Charlottesville Virginia protest by White supremacists […]

Politics Got You Down: This Comic’s “Trump Prayer” Will Leave You ROTFL

by G. Brown It’s been a rough couple of weeks…HELL, make that a rough few months. Seven even months to be exact.  The current White House has created more drama than fake President Francis Underwood on Netflix’s “House of Cards”—and he’s a murderer! In just the last two weeks we’ve watched Trump play a dangerous […]

What Do These Black Actresses Have in Common? They’re Not on Forbes List of Highest Paid Actresses

by TRN Staff Writers The magazine that keeps tabs on everybody’s money has come up with its annual list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.  Funny thing about that list…it looks a lot like the previous year’s list, which looked a lot like the list the year before that, which look…well you get the gist. […]

Why Confederate Monuments Need to Be Removed: Chuck D Breaks It Down

by G. Brown The Confederate flag, Robert E. Lee statues, relics of the civil war guard the entries to court houses, municipal offices and parks throughout the country but especially in the south.  According to the Southern Law Poverty Center there are an estimated 1503 of these monuments that dot landscapes across the U.S.  To […]

Fired, Disowned by Families:Racism Repercussions For Charlottesville Protesters

by G. Brown The furor following the protest meant to unite White nationalists is far from fading.  The flames from the torches that protesters carried in that Charlottesville march have been extinguished, but  the event is still the center of burning rage by millions. A Twitter account with the handle @YesYoureRacist decided since the KKK […]

Vicodin, Xanax and THC: The Pain of Golf Legend Tiger Wood

by TRN Staff Writer Athletes pretty much provoke the same celebrity response as actors and singers.  People think their lives are cush and perfect because of all the media attention and the millions they earn for starring in movies, singing or playing ball.  But the same money that can make their lives a dream can […]

Hollywood Tried It-Black Twitter Is Not Here for #ThisisnotUS

by TRN Staff Writers, Social media response to Charlottesville Virginia was swift and merciless.  Stars like Zendaya, Jeffrey Wright, Mahershala Ali and others raised their voices to speak out on the racism that was unfolding.     While Hollywood always tries to weigh in on political and social issues, sometimes it misses the mark as […]

Domestic Terrorism Rages in Charlottesville and We All Know Who to Blame

by G. Brown On Saturday, I woke up and checked the news feed…then I immediately checked the calendar because obviously the world had been thrown into a time warp back to the 60’s or 1865.  White people marching with torches randomly hurling racial epithets like an old Nazi line of “Blood and soil”.  KKK hooded […]

FaceApp Forced to Remove “Racist” Filters

by TRN Staff Writer, FaceApp’s latest filters proved that on social media, people have no filter when they truly hate something.  The popular app introduced a feature that allowed users to digitally alter their race and gender.  So users could see what they look like as a Black, Asian, Indian or White person. If the […]

Fat Shaming-When Beauty, Brains and Talent Aren’t Enough

by G. Brown There’s an old joke in newsroom about burying the lead which means a story is poorly crafted to the point where the most important fact of the story is buried at the end.  Like the story about R&B singer Usher being sued by three people who allege the singer engaged in sexual […]

Usher’s Insurance Company Ready to Drop Him Over Herpes Allegations & Lawsuit

by TRN Staff Writer Another day, another day of drama for R&B singer Usher.  The “Call Me a Mack” singer is being called a lot of things these days by women who say one night with their idol exposed them to STDs. TRN told you Monday about Quantasia Sharpton who held a news conference to […]

JayZ’s “Moonlight” Tells a Tale of Cultural Appropriation

by G. Brown JayZ’s recently released video “Moonlight” gives us a meta moment on the issue of race and cultural appropriation.  Since it’s Tidal release last week, “Moonlight” has been burning up some PR and social media circles, not so much for the sound, but for the style.  And for a crash course in TV […]

Woman Claims Singer Exposed Her to STDs: Who’s To Blame Here?

by G. Brown R&B singer Usher has another hit.  It’s not a hit record, but  he’s been hit with a lawsuit by three different young people claiming the singer exposed them to STDs without disclosing his status to them prior to contact.   Monday, Quantasia Sharpton held a news conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom […]

He’s “Dangerous” & “Deplorable”: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Wants Trump Out of the White House

by G. Brown The embattled Donald Trump has spent the last 7 months building to an eventual combustion of some sort.  Trump’s constant un-presidential behavior of Twitter tirades, lies, firings and random rants like telling police to abuse criminals have just become too common and way more drama than most Americans signed on for in […]

Atlanta Petitions to Block R. Kelly Concert & ‘Game on’ Bey: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, Alanta Group Petitions to “Mute R. Kelly” Concert  When it rains, it pours and singer R. Kelly might be hoping for rain to extinguish a group of Atlantans who are fired up about his scheduled concert. Just two days ago, TRN told you how all the negative publicity following allegations of  a […]

That Ain’t Right: Company Uses White Models To Sell Black Pride Tees

by TRN Writers, Let me start by saying “Wow” and follow that thought up with a gigantic “WTF?!”  Zazzle online marketing company advertised some trendy shirts with catchy lines emblazoned on the front.  Among some of my favs… “Unapologetically black” and “Danger-Educated Black Woman”. You catch the theme here right…the  Black pride Tees are marketed […]

Is Trump Really Going After Education Discrimination Against White People

by G. Brown The Trump administration is said to finally be ready to tackle a touchy topic-discrimination.  Oh save that applause–it is so not what you think.  According to CNN, the White House is “readying resources in the Justice Department’s civil rights division for the purpose of investigating and litigating “race-based discrimination” in US higher […]

R. Kelly Cancels Concerts Following Sex Cult Allegations

by TRN Staff Writers Crooner R. Kelly might consider his slump in concert ticket sales  was predicted by one of his old hits–“When a Woman’s Fed Up”.  It looks like his female fanbase (and men) are fed up to the point of  pulling their support and they’re taking their concert ticket money with them.  Huff […]