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Sign of the Times: Missouri Man’s “Slaves 4 Sale” Sign Outrages Neighbors

by G. Brown Sometimes, the news is so unbelievable you just want to scream.  Take for instance the Missouri man who had his neighbors in an uproar because he posted a sign in his yard that reads “Slaves 4 Sale”.  Did I mention it’s hanging next to his confederate flag?  Yep, you read that right…but […]

Meet Serena’s New Baby & Beyonce, The Rock, Oprah Lend a Hand to Hurricane Victims: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, Serena Shares Baby Pics with Fans   ‘Motherhood is exhausting’ could have been the caption in one of the first photos tennis great Serena Williams shared with the world of her newborn daughter.  The superstar mom gave birth almost two weeks ago to her 6lb-14ounce bundle of joy.  Looks like from […]

White House Wants ESPN Anchor Fired for Calling Trump “White Supremacist”

by G. Brown Jemele Hill is use to calling things the way she sees them.  Hill is one of the anchors on ESPN’s “SC6” with Michael Smith(another person who speaks it like he sees it).  But it’s not what Hill said on air that’s bringing on heat from the White House, it’s what she tweeted… […]

“Marshall”, “Black Klansman”: Why Are Blacks the Only Ones Fighting Racism in Movies?

by G. Brown Hollywood like fashion, history and life circumstances seems to flow in a perpetual metonic cycle where genres and trends repeat themselves every 20 years or so.  The current trend for Black actors, directors and writers seems to be race relations. Chadwick Boseman is starring in the title role of powerful biopic about […]

Mom Says Racists Tried to Hang Her 8-Year Old From a Tree

by G. Brown Cassandra Merlin posted photos of her son on Facebook and the images are enough to melt the coldest of most hearts.  The pictures show the rope burns that now scar her son’s neck after some teens tried to lynch the boy from a tree. Merlin said in the original post that “I […]

Janet Jackson’s Fans Worried About Her After Tearful Breakdown on Stage

by TRN Writers, Janet’s Emotional Return to Stage Janet Jackson’s “State of the World” tour  left fans concerned about the state of her emotions after she broke down in tears while performing in Houston on Saturday.  Fans say the 51 year old singer was in the middle of a high-energy performance when she was overcome […]

N.C. Mayoral Candidate Says Vote for Her Because She’s “White”

by G. Brown In Charlotte N.C., the mayoral race has reached the TMI stage—not ‘too much information’ but ‘too much ignorance’. Candidate Kimberly Paige Barnette lists among her qualifications she is ‘Republican’, ‘Smart‘, ‘Traditional‘…and oh yeah, ‘White‘.  Now given the fact that she added ‘White’ as one of the reasons to vote for her, it […]

Janet Kicks Off World Tour & Paula Patton’s New Thriller: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, Janet Jackson Takes on the “State of the World” in New World  The last time Janet Jackson hit the stage for a live concert, Obama was still President, White supremacist weren’t boldly prancing in the light of day, health care for millions wasn’t in jeopardy and North Korea wasn’t threatening WWIII. In […]

Law and Disorder: White Officer on Trial For Murder Wants Black Judge Removed

by G. Brown Facebook photos and comments have come back to haunt more than one poster.  Now a year and a half old FB post from Alabama Judge Greg Griffin is the reason a White police officer on trial for murder is using  to have him removed from his case. Griffin is presiding over the […]

Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett Says Cop Threatened to Blow His Head Off

by G. Brown Defensive end for the Seahawks Michael Bennett had no defense when when he says a Las Vegas police officer threatened his life. Bennett says he was in Las Vegas for the recent Mayweather-McGregor match up and after the fight was headed back to his hotel when he heard gunshots.  Bennett says he […]

Tyler Perry Blasted for Church Donation; Oprah, Beyonce Join Hurricane Harvey Telethon: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers,   Tyler Perry No Good Deed Goes Unpunished on Twitter   Actor/writer/director Tyler Perry might need to hide out as “Madea” until the storm is over and his fans calm down.  Perry’s good deed of reportedly donating $250k to Joel Osteen’s Houston church brought on the wrath of fans.  Osteen trended […]

Obama Calls Trump’s Dismantling of Immigration Policy “Contrary to Common Sense”

by G. Brown “Born in the USA”…it’s more than an 80’s rock anthem.  While some thought it a song about American privilege and exceptionalism, Bruce Springsteen’s hit record  wasn’t about American pride as much as it was about America’s shame of big government, big military and the way some people are disregarded as nothing more […]

Jamie Foxx Headlines Harvey Relief Telethon & It’s A Girl for Serena: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, Jamie Foxx Joins Benefit Concert for Hurricane Harvey Victims  Singer, actor Jamie Foxx is joins team up to help his fellow Texans after one of the worst catastrophes to hit the state in years. He is one of the performers taking part in a live event this month to raise money […]

“We Only Kill Black People”: Was Georgia Officer Fired for Being Racist or for Telling the Truth?

by G. Brown A Cobb County Georgia officer is out of work after being caught on camera during a traffic stop saying cops only kill Black people. The officer was a police lieutenant who can be heard in the dashcam video  talking with a White female driver who he pulled over for a routine traffic […]

TheReelNetwork Sending Help to Hurricane Victims and We Need Your Support!

by Tiara Williams, Founder/CEO TheReelNetwork As we watch the floodwaters rise, we see the hope of so many in the path of what was once Hurricane Harvey sinking beneath it.  Harvey was officially downgraded to a tropical depression, but at the height of the storm only death and destruction followed.  At least 37 people have […]

Dazed & Dumb: Trump Supporters Ask “Where Was Obama During Hurricane Katrina”

by TRN Staff Writers The tone deafness of this president is only trumped by his supporters.  As many criticized Trump’s slow and soulless  tweets about the disaster, his supporters rushed in to defend him.  As witnessed in the past, Trump supporters think the best defense is to attack former President Obama and they used the […]

Surviving Hurricane Harvey with the Help of Hollywood

by G. Brown The horrors of Hurricane Harvey are becoming devastatingly clearer with each drop of rain.  Thirty people feared dead as of this writing, another 35-thousand people forced from their homes by rising waters. And the worst is far from over… early Wednesday morning, Harvey hit landfall for a second time promising more devastation […]

Kevin Hart Donates $25k to Hurricane Victims: Challenges Celebrities To Do More Than Post Prayers

by G. Brown Harvey is a name that Houston residents will never forget.  Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas on Friday bringing at least 25 inches of rain over the weekend.  The rainfall shattered previous records, left at least two people dead, numerous other people injured and more than 300-thousand more without power. Thousands of people […]