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“Black Panther” Star Lupita Nyong’o On Her Pain After Weinstein Sexual Assault

by TRN Staff Writers, In two weeks since the Harvey Weinstein sex allegations have gone public, 60 women have come forward with tales of his lewd and brute behavior of sexual assault and rape. The latest actress to step forward is Lupita Nyong’o.  The Kenyan born star of movies like “12 Years a Slave” and […]

Obama’s On this List: DL Hughley Names the 3 Most Hated Black Men

by G. Brown If you’ve ever caught his stand up comedy or heard his radio show then you know comedian/actor  D.L. Hughley is not a man who tends to bite his tongue.  He’s that guy who will name names…and this week, he’s name three Black people that he believes is at the top of the […]

The Boss Miss Ross Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award

by TRN Writers, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “I Hear a Symphony”, “You Keep Me Hangin On”, “Remember Me”, “Touch Me in the Morning”…that’s just a light appetizer to the buffet of hits recorded by singer Diana Ross.   The Detroit Michigan songstress has been belting out hits all her life and now her life’s work […]

Jefferson Davis Out-Barack Obama In as New Name of Mississippi School

by G. Brown Former South African President Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  If that’s true, then today’s lesson comes from a Mississippi School District which just approved a change that is the equivalent of dropping a B-53 nuke on an education institution. […]

Sl&t Shaming, Victim Blaming: How Harvey Weinstein Is Still Screwing Over Women

by G. Brown Not since the take down of Bill Cosby have women been in such a fury.  Since the Hollywood Harvey Weinstein sex scandal broke, 44 women have already told stories of being victimized by him. The latest stories of victimization come from “Game of Thrones” star Lena Heady who tells of two different […]

Your Logo Here: Let TRN’s Brand Boxes Say It All For You!

 The athletic shoe with a  swoosh, the golden arches, an apple with a bite taken out it…you immediately think of Nike,, McDonald’s and iPhone. With the right branding, one picture is worth a thousand return customers.Branding can make a business…or make a business obsolete. The Reel Network is offering Brand Boxes for Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Models […]

The QB vs the NFL: Kapernick’s Lawyered Up and Filing Grievance

by G. Brown The protest started by the former SF 49ers QB has grown from one man standing against police brutality to a national movement that has united former team mates, competing teams and even some team owners  in the fight.  The recent publicity after comments by the president pressuring the NFL to fire those […]

Twitter Explodes Over “Black Panther” Trailer: The Super Hero We Need

by G. Brown Marvel Entertainment knows two things-how to beat the Monday blues & how to beat the Monday blues by hyping your next big movie franchise. On Monday, as most people settled in for the ‘back to work’ blahs, Marvel with no fanfare, no pre-release hype, no advance …just BOOM! Here’s a trailer for […]

6 Celebs Who Tried to Hang with Late Night TV

by G. Brown Ever since “Oscarsowhite”, the entertainment industry seems to be trying to get it together in terms of equality in Hollywood.  We’ve seen some progress like Black actors/actresses in starring roles for upcoming  movies and TV shows like”Black Panther” movie and  “Black Lightning”. Though admittedly, the progress is slow. But no place has […]

Robin Thede Adds Some Color to Late Night Talk Show Line Up

by TRN Staff Writer The late night talk show circuit is one crowded field of competition.  There’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on CBS followed by “The Late Late Show with James Corden”,  over at the peacock network there’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” which is followed by […]

Another Round for Movie “Creed” & First ‘Reel’ Look at “White Famous” in Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Writers Michael B. Jordan’s Getting in Shape for “Creed 2” The spin-off movie to the hit “Rocky” followed in the original’s box office footprints and proved to be a hit as well. Actor Michael B. Jordan is back on board in the starring role of  Adonis “Donnie ” Johnson the boxer following in […]

A League of Their Own: Diddy Says “Sell Me the NFL”

by G. Brown The sides are clearly drawn in this  feud between  the NFL players and the president  and the battle keeps heating up. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys scheduled a meeting with players after he went public saying players will stand for the national anthem or sit on the sidelines during the game. […]

“The Storm” that Stole the Show: Top 3 BET Hip Hop Awards Performances

TRN Staff Writers The  2017 Hip Hop Awards on BET was the trending item Tuesday night on social media long after all the awards had been handed out. It proved to be a big night for Bronx rapper Cardi B whose “Bodak Yellow” snatched the top spot on Billboard a couple of weeks ago. She’s […]

“Hollywood Execs Groped My Privates”: Terry Crews Says He Was Sexually Assaulted in Front of His Wife

by TRN Staff, Terry Crews is as buff as they come.  He’s 240 pounds of all muscle–no fat. His physique is part of the reason why he often lands roles as athletes or the tough guy in movies and TV shows.  But even a big strapping guy like Crews says he felt powerless when he […]

Why They Kneel: NFL’s Eric Reid Says to Stop Systemic Oppression

by G. Brown The NFL protest has dominated national news ahead of the threat of nuclear war with N. Korea.  Instead the president seems to be declaring war on the rights of protesters.  On Tuesday, Donald Trump threatened to use federal tax laws to penalize the NFL because of Black athletes kneeling in protest during […]

Nelly’s Beyond “Shocked” and Claims Innocence in Rape Accusations

by TRN Writers It’s doubtful rapper Nelly had  a peaceful weekend since it started out with his arrest Saturday on rape charges.  The 42 year old “Hot in Herre” rapper was arrested in Washington state after a woman told police Nelly raped her. According to CNN, the woman called 911 just before four a.m. Saturday […]

Iron Mike to Michael Jackson: 6 Celebrities Accused of Sex Crimes

by TRN Writers, Nelly,  movie tycoon Harvey Weinstein, comedian/actor Bill Cosby, politicians, news anchors and reporters…allegations of sexual misconduct seem to permeate every industry, but especially industries were people make a lot of money or are perceived to wield a lot of power and influence. It’s not always men who are the aggressors, (even Brittany […]

Cam Apologizes for Calling Female Reporter A Female

by TRN Cam Newton’s statements at news conference went over like he got sacked before he had time to shift in the pocket. The Carolina Panther’s star QB  made what some called a “disrespectful” and “degrading” comment to a female reporter from the local news paper  during a news conference earlier this week.  Here’s the […]