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Las Vegas Shooting Not America’s Deadliest Massacre

by G. Brown As investigators continue to try and make sense of the Las Vegas massacre that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured more than five hundred others, mainstream media has changed the way it refers to the shooting. On day 1, many news casts called it the deadliest mass shooting in the […]

He Threatened to Kill Howard University Students Because “It’s Not Murder If They’re Black”

by G. Brown It took two years, but police finally arrested a 26 year old man who used online message boards and Reddit to threaten students at the historically Black Howard University. According to The Washington Post, John Edgar Rust was arrested Wednesday and charged with making the threats back in 2015.  The Post says […]

New Doc On Athlete’s Fight Against Racism & Jill Scott’s New Villainous Role : Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Jill Scott Signs on for “Black Lightning”  Four-time Grammy Award winning singer Jill Scott joins the cast of the upcoming “Black Lightning” series headed to the CW this fall.  Cress Williams will bring the comic book superhero to live action in the starring role as Jefferson Pierce–a retired superhero drawn back into […]

Joy Reid Shuts Down Former GOP Rep After “If Comedian Called Obama a Ni**er” Post

by G. Brown MSNBC anchor Joy Reid can hold her own in a scrap.  Now, former GOP Representative Joe Walsh knows that first hand after getting pimp slapped on twitter. Walsh apparently didn’t like SNL’s news bit this weekend when comedian Michael Che went all in on Donald Trump calling him a “b**ch” and a […]

“He Saved 30 People”: The Man Hailed as the Las Vegas Hero

by G. Brown Three days after the deadliest mass shooting in American history and investigators are still trying to piece together the mystery of why it happened.  As police talk to family members and the people who knew Stephen Paddock the best they’re uncovering bits and pieces about the shooter. For three days Paddock perfected […]

TV Preacher Blames “Disrespect of Trump” for Las Vegas Massacre

  by G. Brown As Americans still struggle to deal with the reality of  Sunday’s slaughter that left 59 people dead and 527 injured in the nation’s deadliest shooting spree, others are busy searching who to blame. Liberals are blaming the NRA and lack of gun control, some are blaming politicians –both logical arguments.  One […]

Cedric’s New Sitcom & An American Idol Joins “American Idol”: Black Hollywood Wrap Up!

by G. Brown    Cedric The Entertainer’s Hot New Sitcom “Ladder 54”  The varied TV incarnations of Cedric have included a high school coach, a preacher, a game show host and the numerous faces and voices of skit characters in his own variety show.  Now, this king of comedy is hoping to reclaim his throne […]

Get Reel and Make Your Dreams Happen!

From the desk of Tiara Williams                                                                                                    […]

MaryMary Singer Slammed by Twitter Again After Another Verse of “I Voted for Trump”

by G. Brown If it’s on the internet, it can always come back to haunt you.  Forget that delete button, once its on the web, ‘delete’ can’t even make it disappear.  I’m talking to you Tina Campbell!  The MaryMary singer has to be dreading the moment back in January she uttered those four little words […]

LeBron-“What the He!! Is Going On…?: Celebs React to Las Vegas Mass Shooting

by G. Brown It’s the horror that has left millions of people traumatized and in utter disbelief.  The number of the victims in the Las Vegas shooting keeps rising…as of this writing it stands at 58 fatalities, over 500 hundred hurt or injured. Witnesses at the crowded Route 91 Harvest country music festival Sunday night say […]

“Dear Mr. President”: Moms of Some of those “SOB’s” in the NFL Come for Trump

by G. Brown Thank God it’s Friday! Wait…maybe not.  Friday or the weekend is usually when Donald Trump authors his most damaging tweets or dismisses staff and cabinet members.  It’s been one full week since Trump decided to attack the NFL and the NBA with  racist comments.  Just like with other disasters caused by Hurricanes […]

Beyonce Drops Remix to Help Hurricane Victims & “Get Christie Love” Gets a Reboot: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by G. Brown Beyonce’s “Mi Gente” Help for the People While many accuse the White House of turning its back on Puerto Rico in wake of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria, songstress Beyonce clearly has forgotten our neighbors.  On Thursday, Beyonce dropped a surprise remix of “Mi Gente” solely to raise funds for […]

T-Boz’s Family Suing Police Over Shooting Mentally Ill Relative 18 Times

by G. Brown It’s the kind of the story that might have been hidden on page six of newspapers and not covered by TV News at all if not for the name of a celebrity linked to the victim.  As fate would have it, the man shot to death by police in Peoria Illinois was […]

TRN’s Tiara Williams and Daughter Takes The “D” Challenge to Next Level

by TRN Staff Writers, The best word for YouTube has been “CHALLENGES”.  The video journals attract a lot of attention especially since everybody seems to want to participate including well known celebs like Beyonce and the Mannequin Challenge, J-Lo and the Ice Bucket Challenge, and Chris Brown and the U Name It Challenge. The other […]

Taraji Answers Quitting “Empire”Rumors & Director Lands “Last Thing He Wanted: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, “Cookie” Crumbles  Rumors about Her Leaving “Empire”  You know you’re on a hit show when the rumor mill is always churning out some story every week about your life.  That’s the situation for Taraji P. Henson whose name has been the buzz all month.  Henson’s contract is up at the end of […]

Direct TV Losing Subscribers over NFL Protest: Bryant Gumbel Thanks Trump

by G. Brown Usually, a Donald Trump provocation dies down after 48 hours or so…but not this time.  The continuing fall out is dragging AT&T’s Direct TV down with it.  The Satellite TV service is offering refunds to customers offended by NFL players bending a knee in protest. According to the NY Post, “Normally the […]

Rapper Gunned Down & Woman in Hart Sex Tape Scandal Says “Didn’t Know He Was Married”: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Writers, Rapper Targeted Again by Gunfire  The Memphis rapper Young Dolph was  walking in one of Hollywood’s highly populated tourist areas when he was shot several times by unidentified shooters.  TMZ says “At this time, no arrests have been made and it’s unclear how many people may have opened fire. We’re told he […]

Pharrell, Legend & Even Lawmakers Join #TaketheKnee: What is the End Game Here?

by G. Brown One man’s mission has mushroomed into a national obsession thanks to the instigator in chief.  Once Donald Trump attacked both the NFL & NBA within a day of each other, athletes who once wanted no part of Colin Kaepernick’s protest are now all in. The protest has grown like an infectious disease […]