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They’re Calling Her Black Trash! Please Leave Malia Obama Alone

by G. Brown The headline immediately caught my eye…”TRUMPSTERS TRANSFERING THEIR OBAMA HATE TO MALIA; CALLING HER ‘BLACK TRASH’” —BLACK TRASH!!!! Malia Obama should be carefree and enjoying her college years.  The only concerns she should have is keeping up her grades, staying up on trends and partying like a teenager.  But instead, she’s being […]

The Woman Who Could Be Queen:Meghan Markle Wouldn’t Be England’s First Black Queen

by TRN Staff, It’s was one of he worst kept secrets ever concerning Britain’s royal family, but the best news for American actress Meghan Markle.  Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is now engaged to marry an American, divorced and Black woman. The royal family announced the engagement on Monday with the heading, “HIS […]

‘Good Morning Oprah?’-CBS This Morning Rumored to Want the Talk Show Queen

by TRN Writers, Would you want to wake up with Oprah?  CBS News execs may be banking on that thought.   Several news outlets including The Hill are reporting that “CBS This Morning” is reportedly “begging” Oprah Winfrey to fill in for former co-host Charlie Rose, who was fired from the network after sexual harassment allegations.” The […]

“B**ch…You’re Dead”-Maxine Waters Faces Racist Death Threats

by G. Brown Congresswoman Maxine Waters has endured a lot of hate, but now the FBI is on the case after the hate turned into a death threat. According to the LA Times, “A San Pedro man threatened to kill U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters in a voicemail filled with racist and anti-gay slurs after he became angered over […]

2017’s Highest Paid Woman in Music and Queen of Soul Says Not Dead Yet: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers When It Comes to $$$ Queen Bey Rules   According to Forbes Magazine, the highest paid woman in music for the year of 2017.  Forbes figures Beyonce the raked in a total of $105 million.  She far outpaced other top feature singers like Adele in the No. 2 slot with $69 million […]

Russell Simmons Says It Was Consensual, She Says She Was Forced

by G. Brown A new week, new sexual assaults names to add to the growing list of women who say powerful men in Hollywood fondled, groped or raped them.  Now the scandal has collided with the world of hip hop.    A woman claims she was only 17 years old and looking to break into […]

Touched by an Angel: Fans Mourn The Lost of Two Hollywood Legends

by TRN Staff Writers The saying goes when it rains it pours and for fans of two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, the skies have opened up and are pouring grief.  Black Hollywood has lost two of its veteran stars.  Actress Della Reese spent years playing a heavenly being on the long-running popular show “Touched […]

Jennifer Hudson, Tamar: Celebs Caught in the Web of Domestic Violence

by TRN Staff Writers, Jennifer Hudson went to court to seek protection against the man she loved and expected to marry.  The Academy Award winning actress and singer took out an of protection against former fiance and pro wrestler  David Otunga saying his past behavior leaves her afraid he might physically harm her. Hudson was […]

Hook Ups, Break Ups & Here Come The Brides

by TRN Staff Writers, Love is in the air and apparently so is the phrase “I Do” as two celebrities surprise fans with news of their nuptials. “American Idol” season 6 winner Jordin Sparks sparked a lot of buzz when she announced to the world that not only was she secretly married last summer, but […]

Young, Gifted & Black: 5 Visionaries Changing the World

by TRN Staff Writers,    The nightly news will tell us about the gang bangers, the drug dealers and the gansta rappers who lose their way, but seldom does mainstream media shine the spotlight on all the positive and amazing youths who aren’t waiting until they reach voting age to make difference.     The […]

Is This Minaj Photo of A Role Model? Eve Says NO!

by TRN Staff Writer Nicki Manaj wanted a photo that would break the internet.  Instead, the photo shows something is broken–maybe good taste, morality or something.  The 34 year old posed for the ‘Minaj a trois’ photo which is being featured on the cover of Paper magazine’s December issue.  The image shows three versions of […]

“I Will Not Be Shamed”- Terry Crews Empowering Women Sexual Predators

by G. Brown In movies, actor Terry Crews often plays the muscle-headed villain…IRL, his role is that of a hero as many fans are applauding himfor naming names of Hollywood execs who sexually harassed him. Crews was one of the first men to speak up after the Weinstein scandal broke to say its not just […]

Eve’s New Rapping Gig and That Tiffany Girl is on Fire: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Writer Staff The “Talk” is “All About Eve”  Rapper/actress Eve will have to update her resume to squeeze in her latest job experience–talk show host.  The 39 year old “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” rapper is ready to blow the minds of viewers of CBS’ show “The Talk”.  Eve is officially replacing co-host […]

GQ’s Citizen of the Year: Is Kap’s Football Career Over?

by G. Brown Football season just kicked off about two months ago and Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t signed to a team. But it’s proving to be a winning season for him nevertheless. The former SF 49ers quarterback remains a free agent since his #takeaknee protest against racial inequality has made him to hot for NFL […]

Jokes on You: Diddy Says Just Kidding After Name Change Prank

by TRN Staff Writers, So when you’ve already changed your name three or four times, people take it seriously when you say you’re changing your name AGAIN!.  Earlier this week, Sean “Diddy” Combs announced he was changing his name for the fifth time and the web was shook. The rapper said he wanted to be […]

Forget Singing and Acting:Ray J’s $31 Million Deal Plugs Him into Future Tech

by TRN Staff Writers, When Brandy’s little brother first announced his digital upstart two years ago, quite a few people probably laughed.  But these days, Ray J is getting the last laugh and he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Business Wire says Ray J has closed a $31 million dollar deal that will […]

Fans Petition Governor For Meek’s Freedom, Crews Fights Back Against Sex Assault :Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, Somebody Save Meek Mill Petition  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf may have never listened to hip hop or ever heard of Meek Mill before, but hundreds of thousands of fans are fighting for the rapper’s freedom.  The “Somebody Save Meek Mill” petition reached 200k signatures by Thursday November 9 with a goal of […]

Ta-Nehisi Coatess- Why Some White People Think They Should Use The N-Word

by G. Brown Author/journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates can have my proxy vote to speak on my behalf anytime.  His views on everything from politics to social issues are usually not only profound, but often taps directly  into the pulse of the Black community and truth. Recently, Coates gave a succinct and shrewd response when questioned about […]