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He Says It’s Funny-Twitter Users Call It Racist

by G. Brown Most people are happy for any two people who manage to find love and usually celebrate with them.  The exception to that etiquette would be racists offended when the lovers are from different races. That’s the perfect introduction to Wisconsin Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen who is officially, permanently suspended from Twitter […]

Black History: The House & More U.S. Monuments That Slaves Built

by TRN Staff Writers, Politico.com  confirms that slaves did help build the White House when planners had trouble recruiting Europeans to do the work. Journalist Jesse Holland and author of  The Invisibles: The Untold Story of African American Slaves in the White House  also attributes slaves with building many of the structures in and around […]

Racist Twitter Trolls Target “Black Panther” Movie Debut

by G. Brown, “Black Panther” was poised to be a box office mega hit…and some racists just couldn’t handle it. So they jumped on Twitter Friday as “Black Panther” opened nationwide and began circulating “fake news” about being attacked at theaters by mobs of Black peopl… I was so excited to see #BlackPanther and a […]

“Stop Bullying”:Cardi B’s Simple Answer to Gun Violence Targets Her As Sympathizing with Shooter

by G. Brown Last week’s massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school has opened old wounds and old arugments on how to stop gun violence.  After an event so devastatingly shocking, everyone wants to weigh in as part of a cathartic process.  Rising hip hop star Cardi B shared her thoughts and is […]

Vivica Fox Supports Petition for Marvel’s “Black Panther” to Give Back to Black Community

by G. Brown Marvel’s “Black Panther” is still three days from a nationwide theatrical release and the movie is gaining more steam towards a big payday.  Fortune Magazine says the movie “is forecasted to pull in as much as $165 million in domestic box-office gross for its debut over the four-day President’s Day holiday weekend. Such a […]

OJ’s Movie Deal Sparks Outrage ,Stacey Dash Eyeing Congressional Run: Celebrity Wrap Up

by Ms. Black Hollywood Run Stacey Run…Or Maybe Not  She’s tried acting, being a political pundit and now “Clueless” star Stacey Dash is perhaps ready to merge the two careers and act like a politician.  Dash claims “A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office. I wanted to see what […]

Sorry Ladies,Idris Elba is Off the Market & JayZ Walks for Peace: Celebrity Wrap Up

by Ms. Black Hollywood Idris Makes This Valentine’s Day Unforgettable for His Lucky Lady Actor Idris Elba is ready to jump the broom again and proposed to model Sabrina Dhowre this past weekend.  They were in London for a screening of his film “Yardie” when the English hunk surprised his love by getting down on one […]

Picture Perfect?Twitter Reacts to Michelle Obama Portrait

by G. Brown Ever take a selfie and think ‘ that doesn’t look like me?’  This next story is a lot like that.  The Smithsonian National Gallery unveiled the official portraits of  former first couple President Barack and Michelle Obama. The Obamas handpicked the artists with the former President choosing Yale University trained Kehinde Wiley […]

“Rise of a Hero”: Marvel’s “Black Panther” Generating Lots of Hype and Hate

by G. Brown The hype is high hurtling towards the nationwide release of Marvel’s long awaited “Black Panther”.  The only thing higher than the hype is the hate some people are trying to dish out.  The Hype  Check out the latest cover of Time Magazine .  Comic book lore may list super strength, healing, and […]

Wazzup!-A “Martin” Reboot:Black Hollywood Wrap

by Ms. Black Hollywood The Sunken Place May Not Be Finished With Us “Get Out” Oscar nominated director Jordan Peele says he will “definitely seriously consider” following up with a sequel to his smash hit “Get Out”.  Peele recently said in interviews that “I love that universe and I feel there is more story to […]

He Knows Who Shot JFK and the Man Marvin Gaye Slept With: Is Quincy Jones Telling All or Telling Lies?

by G. Brown We have not heard from music legend Quincy Jones for years  and years. But suddenly he is back on the scene and making up for lost time spilling secrets on just about everybody from Michael Jackson to Richard Pryor. Jones is back in the spotlight after what seems decades of silence.  He’s […]

Who Is This? Bust of Queen Nefertiti Busted as Historical White Washing

by G. Brown Amidst much fanfare, NBC unveiled a reconstructed bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.  The problem is, the bust could be of  Elizabeth Taylor or Taylor Swift.  Just pick any woman who is not of color or has features similar to women of African descent. The group-“Expedition Unknown’s” made up of a team of […]

Cosby Comeback: Would You Watch A Bill Cosby Reality Show?

by Ms. Black Hollywood Bill Cosby once ruled prime-time TV with a hit sitcom.  That was before his fall from grace as the first Hollywood heavy weight raked over the coals for sexual assault and rape accusations. According to entertainment site Rollingout, Cosby is looking for a comeback and he’s shooting a reality show to […]

“He’s A Rapist”:Thousands Sign Petition to Block Kobe’s Shot at Oscar

by G. Brown In basketball lingo, there is a full court press to keep Kobe Bryant from getting his hands on an Oscar. An Oscar isn’t easy to come by, just ask some of Hollywood’s hardest working actors. So imagine the disbelief when  18 time NBA all-star Kobe Bryant was nominated for Best Animated Short  […]

Russell Simmons Cut From Oprah’s Best Seller, Hilarious Cardi B Super Bowl Ad : Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by Ms. Black Hollywood  Alexa.um, Cardi B, How Long Would it Take to Walk to the Moon?   Amazon’s Alexa better stay on her game or she could find she’ll be replaced by a hip hop rapper.  “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B is featured in a Super Bowl ad in a hilarious look at what happens if […]

Never Heard of the MS-13 Gang-Here’s Why

by G. Brown Some little old lady probably turned off the TV after the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, bolted her doors and sat in the dark in total fear that MS 13 gang members are coming for her. The MS 13 gang was reportedly among the top three of roughly 4.5 […]

Cardi B. Happier Before Fame: 6 Famous People Who Hate Being Famous

by G. Brown Cardi B. is a true rags to riches story.  The “Bodak Yellow” rapper went from stripping to superstar.    In 2016, few knew her name, now she’s an international sensation.  Cardi says fame means she and have family can afford whatever they want, but the money can’t buy everything. Cardi says  “Even though I’m […]

“22 Girlfriends”-Somebody Tell Quincy This Is Not the Time

by G. Brown The headlines are everywhere…”Quincy Jones, 84, reportedly has 22 girlfriends“, “Quincy Jones Talks Taylor Swift, His 22 Girlfriends…”. Everybody from Rolling Stone Magazine to Billboard and Twitter are focused on a recent GQ Magazine interview with the 84 year old musical genius. Jones talked about everything from living in foreign countries as […]