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Well, That Was Fast!: Pepsi Pulls New Commercial One Day After Complaints Pour In

by G. Brown Pepsi’s new ad about unity, peace and understanding caused so much division, calamity and misunderstanding that the cola colossus decided to just nix the ad. TRN told you on Wednesday in our article What’s Wrong With Pepsi’s New Commercial–EVERYTHING! about how the ad campaign fizzled out against a backdrop of tons of complaints. […]

“Forced Threesomes”: Scary Spice’s Scary Story of Love Gone Wrong

by TRN Staff,    If a song title could sum up Mel B.’s marriage, it would no doubt be “Goodbye”. Hollywood has played host to some of the nastiest break-ups in history and none seem nastier than former Scary Spice’s. Mel B. has filed a restraining against her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte and is now […]

What’s Wrong With Pepsi’s New Commercial–EVERYTHING!

by G. Brown Pepsi is getting a lot of push back following its newest ad that attempted to portray the soda as being at the center of bringing the world together during a time when it is at its most chaotic. The new spot features Kendall Jenner surrounded by more than 2 minutes of various […]

“Humble” Tackles Misogyny In Hip-Hop: Music Monday & Kendrick Lamar

by TRN Staff, When Kendrick Lamar dropped “The Heart Part 4” last week, fans rejoiced by flocking to download and get a glimpse at his first video “Humble”.  The video was directed by Dave Meyers and the Little Homies and features Lamar draped in Pope-like garb as he attends what looks like a version of […]

“B**ches & THOTS… Out the Woodwork”: Lamar Odom Tells All in New Interview

by TRN Staff Writer, Former NBA player Lamar Odom has had more than few tough years since leaving the fame of the league behind.    In 2009 thru 2011, he lived was living a fairy tale life of an athletic superhero—back to back championships capped with being named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year […]

Aunt Viv You Can’t Call People A “Media H**”! Celebrity Wrap Up

by G. Brown It’s the reunion “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” fandom has been waiting two decades to see.   When the cast gathered for a photo-shoot stroll down memory lane the actress who wasn’t invited to the party went off 90’s “West Philadelphia born and raised” style! Earlier this week, Will Smith(as himself), Alfonso […]

He Stood In Protest-Now Colin Kaepernick Stands Alone

by G. Brown, What’s the cost of standing up for what you believe in?  Colin Kaepernick knows.  Even though he was twice named Western Athletic Offensive Player of the Year during his days at the University of Nevada, MVP of 2008 Humanitarian Bowl and a quarterback with the 49ers since 2011, Kaepernick didn’t become a […]

Maxine Waters to FOX News-“I’m A Black Woman-Can’t Be Intimidated”

by G. Brown FOX News anchor/commentator Bill O’Reilly hit a new low this week even for him by going after Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ wig. On Monday, during a segment of “Fox & Friends”, O’Reilly made what many are calling racist and sexist jokes about Waters. While airing a clip of Waters speaking against President […]

Rachel Dolezal-“I’m Trans-Black & Bisexual” & Now an Author

by G. Brown It’s healthy to switch things up every now and then. For instance, experts encourage switching your your watch  to the opposite wrist as an exercise to stimulate your brain.  Switching up your home-to-work route could keep you safe if someone is stalking you and too familiar with your routine. Small changes are […]

About Those Missing Black Girls in D.C.: Separating Fact from “Fake News”

by G. Brown All weekend long, there was no escaping headlines of outrage about 10…14…20 missing girls in and around Washington D.C. and nobody was doing anything about it.  One headline screamed, “The FBI Can Find Tom Brady’s Jersey, So Why Can’t They Find the #MissingDCGirls? It was a story that seemingly came out of […]

Power to the People-Angela Davis Biopic Underway:Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, “Sweet Black Angel”-The Story Behind Angela Davis In the 60’s and 70s, Angela Davis was feared by many and revered by even more.  Davis emerged from her deep Southern roots in Alabama to become one of the most prominent activists in history. As the leader of groups like the Black Panther […]

Wyclef Suing Police After Mistaken Identity Detainment: Celebrity Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Grammy award winning hip hop artist Wyclef Jean has a beef with L.A.P.D. and it may head to court.  Wyclef  says he was leaving the music studio after a little work when he crossed paths with police as they were looking for a suspect who had […]

What Has Snoop Started?: Jussie Smollet’s “F.U.W. Video to Trump

by G. Brown What does Jussie Smollett’s “F.U.W.” stand for? It’s his commentary on the way of the world and is an abbreviation for “F**ked Up World”.  Smollett took time from his role on FOX’s hit show “Empire” to direct a musical letter of sorts to the president.  The black-and-white video focuses on racial and […]

The “N-Word” on Prime Time TV & Nicki Minaj Tops The Queen of Soul: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Staff Writers, You Can’t Say That on TV! The “N-Word” On NBC Prime Time  NBC is taking a big risk and hoping that audiences will find it funny.  The peacock network’s “The Carmichael Show” is going to go there and air an unedited, full racial slur—not once, not twice, but several times in […]

Here’s What T.I.(And Our Readers) Think About Harvey’s “Respect the President” Warning

by G. Brown In a political atmosphere where even allies are throwing the president under the bus, why would Steve Harvey step up to defend him?  As the FBI, Justice Department and all the rest of the alphabet soup that makes up our nation’s intelligence community finally closed the door on that crazy “Obama tapped […]

Hip Hop Mourns Loss Of Music Icon Chuck Berry: Music Monday

by G. Brown To most millennials, his name isn’t even vaguely familiar.  But every time you listen to Rihanna or Chance the Rapper, you hear his influence. On Saturday, the man known as a rock n’ roll legend took his final bow over the weekend and passed on from mortality to the immortal pages of […]

Steve Harvey Warns Snoop, T.I. and Others-“Respect the President”

by G. Brown 2017 has thus far proven to be even crazier than 2016.  The nonsense didn’t end with the presidential campaign, but seems to be building up more steam. After Snoop’s controversial “Lavender” video where all the players are clowns including a Trump doppleganger who ends up on the business end of the rapper’s […]

Here’s What Trump Tweeted About Snoop’s New “Lavender” Video

by G. Brown Doubt the new president actually listens to rap, unless his name or image is connected to it. So of course Donald Trump couldn’t let Snoop’s latest video “Lavender” go without tweeting about it. As TRN told you earlier in our article “Snoop Probably Just Made Some Kind of National Watch List Because […]

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