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Can America Handle Another Black President? The Dems Eye Deval Patrick

by G. Brown We get daily reminders in news stories and headlines that everybody isn’t suited for the job of President–(seriously, who fires a Communications Director after 10 days?) Both sides of the aisle are already looking ahead to the future and trying to pick the cream of the party crop to run on a […]

Fans Tune Out “The Breakfast Club” After Comedian Jokes He Would Kill a Transgender Woman

by TRN Staff Writers, When you’re an up and coming comedian, it’s touchy business trying to be funny, relevant and not step on toes.  Just ask Lil Duval.  A recent radio interview and a joke about “killing” a trans if one tricked him is bringing on a lot of heat for Duval and the radio […]

#NoConfederate: Black Women Leading the Fight Against HBO Show

by G. Brown Shots are being fired in a new civil war is underway between the Black community and HBO.  TRN first told you almost two weeks ago HBO’s move to bring a show called “Confederate” to its lineup soon. The new drama series takes place in an alternate reality where the south successfully seceded […]

Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2 & Idris Elba Saves the World in “Dark Tower”:First Reel Look

The Rock & Hart Head to the Jungle in Jumanji 2 If you’re going to take on a classic, then you better bring your A-game.  “We’ve seen recently with “The Mummy” and last year with “Ghostbusters” that remakes and reboots sometimes fall flat with audiences, especially if the original is a well beloved classic.  Sony Pictures […]

“God Saved Me From Life as a Drug Dealer”: Jada Pinkett Smith On Life Before Hollywood

by TRN Staff Writer, From the outside looking in, it seems like Jada Pinkett Smith has always had a cush life.  A Hollywood star married to another mega star with money pouring in thanks to successful TV shows like “Gotham” and a hit movie “Girls Trip” now playing in theaters nationwide.  But Jada took time […]

Will Police Officer Mohamed Noor End Up in Jail?

by G. Brown Another shooting death at the hands of a police officer, but this time everything it seems is different. Justine Damond’s death by a Minneapolis police officer has raised awareness about the reality of police violence.for some who may not have seen it as a problem before now.  Damond, a 40 year old […]

Even the Secret Service Couldn’t Protect Former First Lady Michelle Obama from Racism

by G. Brown Former First Lady Michelle Obama took an opportunity to talk about the racism she endured for the eight years her husband ran the country as the first Black President. Mrs. Obama shared her thoughts during the 30th anniversary event for the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. The attacks were often painful and many […]

“Girls Trip” Proving Black Power at the Box Office

by TRN Staff Writer, Jada Pinket-Smith is one of the stars lighting up the big screen this summer in a movie that’s all about the girls. “Girls Trip” is about four  friends who plan the ultimate road trip to the Essence Festival as they try to get their groove back.  Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and […]

Heartless Teens Watch as Black Man Drowns and Video His Dying Screams

by G. Brown A group of Cocoa Florida teens laughed and mocked a Black man as they stood by and watched him drown.  According to authorities, the teens not only ridiculed the man, but used their cell phone to video the entire tragedy. Police say five teens, between the ages of 14 and 16 years […]

‘That Don’t Look Like Beyonce: Madame Tussaud Forced to Take Down Wax Statue

by TRN Writers, At this point in history, you couldn’t find a single person alive and in their right mind who doesn’t know every eyebrow, every curve on international superstar Beyoncé.   Unless you’re a sculptor at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The Midtown Manhattan museum meant to pay homage to the singer, actor and recent […]

Taraji’s Killing ‘Em In “Proud Mary: First Reel Look

by TRN Staff Writers Taraji’s Calling the Shots in “Proud Mary”  We’ve seen Taraji P. Henson handled a music empire in FOX’s hit drama “Empire” and beat down misunderstood villainous Idris Elba in “No Good Deed”, but the actress is calling the shots in latest movie as a hitwoman.  The verge describe Henson’s new movie […]

Free at Last, Free At Last: O.J Simpson Granted Parole

by TRN Staff Writer, O.J. Simpson says he’s been famous since he was 19 years old.  But the former football star and movie actor has spent the last 20 years infamous following the murder of his former wife, his trial and acquittal in her murder and then imprisonment on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. On […]

They Lost their Minds at HBO-A Show Based on What If Slavery Was Legal?

by G. Brown HBO is usually lauded for its  creatively ground breaking, superbly written and executed shows.   But its latest project just announced already has the twittersphere hurling cries of racism. HBO announced on Wednesday its new alternate historical drama series called “Confederate”.  The show takes place in a reality where the south successfully […]

What Really Happened to Michael Jefferson Inside an Illinois Prison?

by G. Brown Michael Jefferson’s family wants answers.  The 27 year old Black man was a loved brother and son who’s mother Janel Charles is mourning his death while trying to get a handle on how he died.  Jefferson suffered from bipolar disorder since he was first diagnosed as a child.  His unfortunate mental condition […]

Colin Kaepernick Implies Mike Vick Has Been Brainwashed by White People

by G. Brown Usually when the issue of “Black Hair” comes up, it’s about women in the workplace who may be sporting natural locks or braids that are considered ‘inappropriate” for the corporate world.   So how did we leap from White people telling Blacks how to wear their hair, to Blacks telling Black people […]

Are Parents to Blame for R. Kelly’s So Called Sex Cult? TRN Follow Up

by TRN Writers Almost as soon as news broke that some parents are accusing singer R. Kelly of “brainwashing” young women and holding them hostage in a sex cult, there were young women rushing in to defend him. TRN told you on Monday about a Buzzfeed article  saying “R. Kelly has been accused of “brainwashing” at least […]

Walmart Apologizes for Ad Calling Hair Product “N*gger Brown”

by G. Brown Walmart may want to rethink its slogan “Live Better” after making life miserable for a huge portion of its customers.   Twitter lit up when someone posted a picture of the weaving  net for hair extensions ad.  The slur “N*gger Brown” was listed in the headline for the product and in the […]

Move Over Dad, Blue Ivy’s Got Something to Say: Music Monday

by TRN Writers, Boom Shaka Laka-Blue Ivy Spitting Verses  The Carters have been owning net news since June  when Momma Bey came birth to twins.  That collective sigh you heard worldwide last week was when Beyonce and hubby JayZ posted the first look at twins Rumi and Sir Carter.   But the Carters don’t want […]