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Awesome: Maxine Waters Pushes for Diversity in Media Ownership




It’s starting to make sense why certain stereotypical images and characters regarding minorities are looking the same in media.  This also explains why shows like The Cosby Show or Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other shows portraying blacks in a positive light have been taken off the air and replaced with shows that portray negativity.  There has been a dramatic decrease of diversity regarding ownership in the media.

Representative Maxine Waters and 51 other lawmakers are pressing the FCC to make sure that upcoming mergers include “enforceable commitments” and delegate media ownership, advertising and programming to women and minorities.

Waters has composed a letter pushing for diversity and present it to Congress.  According to Variety, the letter cited figures showing that minorities owned just 2.2% of TV stations in 2012, despite comprising more than 39% of the population.

The letter addressed to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, taking a stab at NBC’s diversity record while reviewing the  Comcast-NBC Universal transaction.  At the hearing in Los Angeles regarding the merger, Waters expressed that she doubted the “significant” commitments made to diversity and independent media ownership.

Back in 2012, she showed love to Comcast and NBC for new minority owned channels like Magic Johnson’s Aspire and Sean Combs’ Revolt. This was an indication that Comcast was taking Waters and other law maker’s concerns into consideration. “It is clear that Comcast has begun to act on the concerns that I, and the community of independent media professionals, raised throughout the course of the merger review,” she stated.

Comcast spokeswoman Sena Fitzmaurice wrote in a statement, “No other media and technology company in America has been more aggressive and more supportive of driving diversity and inclusion than Comcast. Our goal has been to be a model for diversity and inclusion, and we are proud to have been recognized widely for that commitment.” She included their plans of diversity practices extending to Time Warner Cable’s operations.

Could this be a paradigm shift in the media’s representation of black people and other minorities? Tell us what you think! Comment below.


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