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The Perfect Blush For Dark Skin




Shopping for makeup can be a hassle for those with deep skin. Colors are too light, not pigmented enough, or they tend to fade overtime. Blush colors are one of the things that seem extremely limited.  The super soft pinks just turn grey and you can only have so many shades of red. As the warmer weather approaches, you want brighter color options, but what brands have blush colors that are worthwhile?

NARS Exhibit A

An insanely bright orange that will show up on any skin tone. This color looks best on super deep skin, brightening your makeup look like never before. There is no shimmer, so there is no need to worry about a weird grey cast. Pair it with a neutral colored lip, and even swipe Exhibit A across your lids for a sunset glow.


Tarte Amused

amusedIf you want that doll face pink but have run into issue, this mind blowing blush could be your solution. Tarte is a high performing brand that uses natural ingredients and frown upon animal testing. The blush is made using clay from the Amazon, which helps regulate skin type, for long lasting color. This product is highly pigmented, so no need to dig in your pan, just one swipe give you color with high intensity.There are no artificial colors or fragrances, so those with sensitive skin will love this brand!





Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in Lavender
lavPurple has become a popular makeup color but purple blush can be hard to find in any brand but Make Up For Ever. Creator Dany Sanz has made a purple perfect for deep skin tones. This matte color has super intense pigment that can also be used on eyes. Even though purple may not be the tone you have in mind, it compliments yellow, and can help bring out golden tones. No need to worry about it fading; this brand is know for it’s insane lasting power!








Enhance your features by sculpting your face with one of these striking blushes. These products are long lasting and will look great on your gorgeous golden skin!

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