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BET Adds 3 new reality shows to roster featuring Nelly, Keyshia Cole, Tamela & David Mann




I was wondering what happened to celebrities like Nelly and Keyshia Cole.  Turns out that they, along with Tamela and David Mann, are all doing reality TV shows.  So far, all of their shows are currently untitled.

Keyshia Cole is going to be starring in The Untitled Keyshia Cole Project. This series is going to consist of six 30-minute episodes.  This series is going to follow Cole’s two previous series, The Way It Is and Family First.  What makes this series different is that it is going to focus more on her life after the fame and success.  We get to see what life is like being a wife to NBA player Daniel Gibson, a mother, and everything in between.

Nelly FamilyIn The Untitled Nelly Project, there’s going to be eight one-hour episodes.  This series goes into the life of rapper Nelly as he takes on the challenges of a personal life as well as in the business world.  We get to see what life is like owning the Apple Bottom clothing line and being the co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Basketball team. We also get to explore the everyday life of being a father of his own as well as his deceased sister’s children.

The Untitled Mann’s Project going to explore the lives of Tamela and David Mann, while they work in and out of the entertainment industry. They are known for their work with Tyler Perry productions like Meet the Browns.  This series will consist of eight 30-minute episodes.  The new series will focus on the Mann’s professional celebrity careers, their family life, being a married couple with four adult children.

Each of these reality shows are going to show the behind the scenes of these celebrities and how they go about life.  I’m assuming that we’ll get an inside look on the entertainment business industry that they are associated with.  We’ll also get to look at the everyday life of a celebrity when they’re not in show business, and how their fame and fortune is coped with by their friends and family.

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