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Does Beverly Johnson Seem Remorseful About Coming Out Against Bill Cosby?




Less than a month since Supermodel Beverly Johnson stepped from the shadows to shed light on the dark side of Bill Cosby who she alleges drugged her in the 80’s, and her story has changed everything:“My whole life changed in the last month. There has been an outpouring of women telling me their sexual abuse stories. I knew it was an important thing to do.”

The Reel Network brought you Johnson’s account of arriving at Cosby’s brownstone to read for a part on his then top-rated sitcom “The Cosby Show” only, she says, to be slipped a drug that left her “feeling woozy”. Johnson says she immediately realized, “I’d been drugged —and drugged good.”

Johnson was not the first woman to allege Cosby drugged her —in fact she was the 17th. Johnson admits her story is not as dramatic or tragic as some of the other women who say Cosby did indeed rape them. Johnson says she escaped only because she began cussing at Cosby and fighting back.

Though she claims to be the one who got away, Johnson’s story is getting more press. NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN have aired interviews with Johnson and Vanity Fair Magazine featured the story.

Without a doubt, Johnson is the most high profile of the alleged victims, but there are still skeptics who say Cosby is being targeted.  Another former model says she was paid to set up Cosby.

And others find it curious that Johnson’s  2013 tell all book talks about her drug addiction, racism and child custody battle…but not about the Cosby incident.

Even though it took her 30 years to speak up, Johnson is encouraging others to speak up about violence against women. “I know, though, that speaking out was the right thing to do — it is always the right thing to do.”

Has speaking out changed Johnson’s life? It’s thrust a 62 year old woman who was fading into the background onto front page news again. She says in so many words that she knew what she was getting into and though it has been hard, she does not regret it.

Still, I watch all these women coming forward and I wonder, ‘what is being accomplished?’ Do we expect some legal resolution? Do you readers?



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