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Bill Cosby’s Own Olivia Pope: Monique Pressley



By: Evette Champion

In a world of Annalise from How to Get Away with Murder and Olivia Pope from Scandal, we meet a real-life force to be reckoned with—Monique Pressley. Perhaps by choosing her to represent him in his legal battles that are plaguing him, some say it was the smartest thing Cosby has done recently.


So, you may be wondering who exactly is this Ms. Monique Pressley. Well, other than being the principal  of the Pressley Firm LLC, a firm which she own (obviously), she also has a lot of things going for her. She is an amazing trial attorney, public speaker, radio show host, TV legal analyst, ordained minister, professor, leadership trainer and on top of all of that, a mother of two. How’s that for being impressive?

At the beginning of Pressley’s legal career, she found herself working as a Public Defender in the District of Columbia. She went on to practice complex civil litigation and white collar criminal defense for a firm in Maryland. Later, she would begin her tenure with the attorney general’s office in DC.

During this time, she also was an adjunct professor at the same college where she earned her law degree. There, she taught trial advocacy, as well as coached the Trial Advocacy Moot Court Team for five years at Howard University.

It is definitely safe to say that she has her plate full. Now, she is charged with defending Bill Cosby against the ever growing pile of sexual assault allegations against him. While most would think this is a challenge enough (which it is), she is also coming under public scrutiny for her choice to even defend Cosby. After all, Cosby went from lovable Dr. Huxtable, to the Jell-O guy, to now a sexual deviant and a pariah.

The fast talking woman with a sharp wit and tongue to match is what television shows are made from. Although we cannot watch her weekly antics like Olivia or Annalise, we can watch her perform her magic as the Cosby case unfolds.

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