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“Black Girls Rock” Creator’s New Book Celebrates Black Women Beauty and Power



By: Leticia Latrice

Beverly Bond is a powerful black woman who has become a pioneer of her era. She is the founder of the Black Girls Rock movement. It has motivated and inspired thousands of black girls and women around the world. Her movement has been something positive that black girls and women can be proud of. This isn’t that common in the black community at the moment. Bond’s foundation has been in existence for over 10 years. The movement includes a mentoring program, foundation and award show.  The mentor sector includes programs like Black Girls Lead, Black Girls Think Tank and Queen’s Camp. Thank goodness for these programs that  educate, motivate and support beautiful intelligent young black women. This movement is creating a generation of powerful positive black women.

The award show has recognized so many outstanding black women around the world, including celebrities like Rihanna and Jada Pinkett-Smith. The award show was even blessed to have Michelle Obama give a motivational speech tailor made for a black woman. It would be funny to see Melania Trump try to steal that one!

Bond is now adding a book to the list of her accomplishments. Black Girls Rock!: Celebrating the Power, Beauty and Brilliance of Black Women  is the title of the book. She recently signed a publishing deal with Atria Publishing Group imprint 37 INK, EW. This book will be another platform Bond uses to uplift young black girls and recognize strong black women. The book will share the journey of phenomenal black women around the world. It includes photography, poetry, inspirational advice and affirmations. Bond shares stories of each woman’s achievements, their cultural background and the intricate details of living life as a black woman.  Black Girls Rock!: Celebrating the Power, Beauty and Brilliance of Black Women will be a book baby boomers and millennials can enjoy. It is scheduled to be released fall 2017.


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