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BLACK HOLLYWOOD FITNESS: Get The Body You Want Right Now!




The desire to live a healthy lifestyle is slowly on the rise in the African American community. According to research, there has been a steady increase of African-Americans joining fitness centers across the country. Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you are embarking on this new journey alone. If  you need a bit of inspiration, here are some health and fitness gurus that can help you reach your fitness goals.

The queen of black Hollywood fitness is none other than, Jeanette Jenkins. She is coined “The Hollywood Trainer” and works with celebrities like Queen Latifah, singer Kelly Rowland, Terrence J, and Taraji P Henson. Jenkins has produced several fitness dvd’s, made several television appearances and has been chosen to spearhead fitness initiatives for major networks.


Meet Brittne Babe. A beautiful black woman with a mission to stay fit. She is a fitness beast who always self conscious because people always teased her for being too skinny. It might sound crazy, but it was this form of bullying that activate her desire to be fit. Brittne became a client and distributor of  health brand Herbalife, which she uses to help everyday people reach their fitness goals. She is now challenging herself by entering fitness competitions and pushing herself to the limit. She has a lot of useful information on her social media platforms that could whip you right into shape.

This next fitness expert  became so popular she gained the attention of  R&B singer, Trey Songz . She was featured in recent video ‘Na Na.’ Massiel “Massey” Arias was inspired to hit the gym after a spell of depression. Her mother suggested that she find something to do to occupy her time, and the gym was a place that made her feel content. About two years ago, Massey started Mankofit to spread the word about fitness and now her following has grown to 1.3 million! Massey has inspired women all around the world aspiring to get into shape.



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