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Black on Black Brutality Brings Swift Justice

Black on Black Brutality Brings Swift Justice


by TRN Writers,

What some are calling a “brutal assault” by a Mississippi Police officer was caught on camera and has gone viral.

Last week, Police officer Justin Roberts was recorded beating a suspect who was already in handcuffs.  In the background you can hear people screaming for the officer to stop.  The fist-beating continued until more police officers ran over and  a female officer is seen pulling Officer Roberts off the suspect….

The video was sent to the Jackson Police Department and following an internal affairs investigation, Officer Roberts was terminated on Monday…just a couple of days after the assault. The Jackson County Commander said, “I found the actions of this officer completely unacceptable and not consistent with what we’re trying to do here at the JPD.”  It’s still not clear what charges led to suspect’s Ladarius Brown’s arrest or what occurred between Brown and Roberts that led to the assault.

Brown later posted on his Facebook page, “Thanks, y’all for the love if I was just anybody I say its all good but I know better it’s all GOD … everything happens for a reason I pray about a lot off stuff and this is God’s way of showing me he hears me every time I ask him … so I look at it all as a blessing … s/o to God for who he is and for being the head of my life, I can’t thank him enough.”

It’s not clear if the former Officer will be charged in the case, but it is commendable how quickly the matter was investigated and action taken.  Brown was arrested on February 11th when the video of the beating was taken. Within a mere three or four days, the Police investigated and took action against the officer.  That’s amazing when you consider all the other cases involving White police officers that drag on for months and often result in no admission of wrongdoing and thus no justice for those harmed.  So what’s different in this case?  Well, the obvious–both the suspect/victim and police are Black.  Whether that carries any weight in the speed and resolution of this case is something to consider, but certainly is worth noting.

If a smaller P.D.’s like Jackson, Mississippi and Charleston S.C. (Walter Scott ) can resolve cases of police versus the Black community so quickly, what has been the problem with New York, Baltimore and larger cities?  Maybe these smaller municipalities should share with the big inner cities so justice is not sidetracked by the color of the officer or the victims.



  1. The portion you saw did not show that he was handcuffed and thrown up against the wall before the punches started, also it was a woman officer that initially jumped in to stop it ; the back story is that it all started with a repo person what was being repo’d unknown, also this happened at his place of buisness

  2. I saw no brutal beating. I saw two three swings which he barely connected. The video is too short for me to draw a conclusion. However, I’m glad that the other officers on the scene stopped him from continuing to wail on him.


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