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Gone are the black scripted shows of the 90s that dominated major networks during primetime. During the early 2000s, due to network changes, cast differences and a need for “diversity” in programming, most of our favorites fell off the schedule. Recent shows like TV One’s Love that Girl and BET’s The Game struggle to reach the audience needed to keep them on the air. Most of the black people we see now on TV serve as the one black cast member in an otherwise all white cast. Is the “black TV show” dead? No. While we can admit the need for black TV is apparent, the upcoming fall TV season brings two shows with black leads, one of which has an all black cast. Will you be tuned in?


ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder

Shonda Rhimes has done it again! The show, lead by veteran actress Viola Davis, is set in a law school and stars Davis as the “brilliant, charismatic and seductive” professor of a criminal law class she dubs “How to Get Away with Murder.” When Davis’ professor becomes involved with four students from her class, the lawyers-in-training realize they have to apply what they’ve learned to real life.  How to get Away with Murder will air Thursdays at 9PM ET. Check out the trailer below.


ABC’s Black-ish

Laurence Fishburne is the executive producer behind this series that stars Anthony Anderson as tan “upper-middle-class Black man who struggles to raise his children with a sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions from his liberal wife (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), old-school father and his own assimilated, color-blind kids. Check out the trailer below:


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