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Blacks for Trump: Why Is This a Thing?




by G. Brown

You know it’s campaign season when candidates start courting Black people to win their votes.  The presidential trail to re-election has navigated Trump to recent destinations in the deep south like HBCU Benedict College where only a few students were actually allowed into the rally and most recently, to ATL because everyone knows if you’re looking for Black people…Atlanta is where you can locate a few.(and I say this as an Atlanta resident).

 So, why were the first images to land in my feeds from the rally at the Georgia World Congress Center pictures of White people wearing ‘Blacks for Trump’ shirts?  The photos caused quite a stir on social media to the point that had to investigate to let people know the pictures were not fake or part of a hoax. Yep, those are real White people wearing t-shirts that read “Hell Yea I’m Black and I Like Trump”.

Why…why…why did this happen.  According to USA Today, about 300 people actually attended the Blacks for Trump rally so there were plenty of Black people around who could have worn the shirts.

It’s not fostering unity…it’s not funny.  It’s insensitive and almost as tone-deaf as some of Trump’s awkward comments to the crowd.

Trump reportedly said at one point that Blacks were leaving the Democratic party which only cared about them every four years to get their vote.  Ummm…isn’t that exactly what Trump was doing.

He also pitched hard about his immigration plans saying he wanted to keep illegal aliens out.  You would think a group of Black people who are just a couple of generations away from even being allowed to vote wouldn’t co-sign such rhetoric that sounds similar to what they said about Black people.

Still, there are Blacks who support Trump.  According to a recent Gallup poll, about 1o% of Black voters support Trump.  You have to wonder…who the hell are these people making up 10%.  Are they deaf as well and didn’t hear about the chants of ‘go back home ‘ that Trump supporters have been shouting at people of color? Or maybe they think they are the exception and these chants don’t apply to them because they are some very fine people.

Trump’s launch of “Black Voices for Trump” will get a cluster of severely ill-informed people to rally behind him.  Interestingly, some of the Black people in the crowd were wearing shirts that said “Woke”, But the fact that they were at a rally to support Trump makes you wonder if they actually sleepwalking as they joined the crowd in chanting four more years.

One person in the crowd told a reporter, “The Democrats have forgotten about us” as to why he showed up.  More Blacks feeling disenfranchised and forgotten…just like the White supremacists who follow Trump.

Trump again asked the crowd, ‘what do you have to lose?’  Apparently dignity is off the table as one report talked about a woman squealing with delight because he signed her hat.  So something as serious as your vote which can shape the leadership of this country…Something so precious it’s worth its weight in gold and we’re giving it away for a few measly T-shirts, a stupid baseball cap and promises hinged on an argument that the Democrats don’t care about you.




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  1. Avatar

    Kathy Jordan

    November 22, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Unbelievable. You know how polictians lie,well one thing you can say about the pres. He let’s you know upfront how he really feels about minorities, he hates our guts. And if you cant see that or hear that you are really not listening. I mean really. Trump and his supporters can say what they want, democrats do try to keep their word. There is good or bad in all people regardless of race. But Trump is not holding back how he really feels and if his supporters are not careful they will be next. He dont mind feeding you lies but he would not give you anything if it doesnot benefit him. He doesn’t give a damn about no one but himself, I mean think about it. I have voted in every election and regardless to whether I like you or not I believe in giving you a chance but when you start destroying or just giving america away you gots to go. He better be glad it takes a lot of votes to shut the devil out or he would be GONE. I’ve never seen a president sit and just lie to the people with a smile on his face and what makes it so bad we know what hes doing but do we punish him like we did the other presidents NO. THEY IMPEACHED Clinton for getting his d*** sucked but Trump is selling our freedom to the highest bidder and messing with our historical landmarks, i mean, REALLY!! But you have a problem with others expressing themselves by kneeling during the national anthem at a football game,you dont think about why,all you see is they kneeled, keep fooling with Trump tha will be taken away too. He already messing with the news, our national landmarks and the post office. He might wake up one morning and find a reason he dont like the Star Spangled Banner, who knows, all because he didnt like what the press said about him he wants to shut certain ones down. Well sorry Trump you wanted the job of president crictisim comes with the job. Quit being so sensitive, should’ve stayed out of the kitchen if you cant take the heat. Develope thicker skin and grow the hell up, I mean really, and quit playing with people’s lives, where is your humanity and definitely compassion. And quit messing with the stuff this country holds dear like our rights and freedom. Why are you so worried about people coming to our country, that’s what we are suppose to be about, it’s not your or your supporters money its everybody’s money that we give. I have a problem with you spending money to help yourself and your fellow liars but after while you are going to flip on them to when you start feeling as though they want cover for you anymore. I cant wait for you and the rest of your puppets get your comeuppance and believe it’s coming, people get tired of mess and when we decide to clean house we clean house. They may be silent now but when they get mad you’ll one of the first to go.#CANTWAIT

  2. Avatar

    bessie shavers

    November 18, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    ..all that means is that people who vote ‘other than Republican’ have to be more persuasive in telling why they support and vote for their candidate/party. I vote the Democrat ticket..not in love with a party. Most of the candidates, through the years, have been more representative of what I believe and want for the U.S. Economic equity, Education, Racial Justice, Social policies, Gender equity are issues that I believe the Democrat party are more in line with my beliefs. No. I do not believe abortion is the one trick pony issue that the other side attempts to tar brush Democrats with is of paramount importance. Preventing unwanted pregnancies or people wanting the children they have is important to me. I believe a populace that perceives their is equity and can see a way to make a life and have hope for opportunities to grow to the extent of their abilities is less likely to participate in self destructive, counter productive behavior. I have never heard a Republican speak to all the people in this country on the other hand, I have heard Democrat candidates speak about matters even if they were not able to fully realize them. After all, the U.S. currently has a mostly two party system that requires cooperation to govern.

  3. Avatar

    NBA is fixed

    November 14, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    If you’re black and you support Trump, you might as well support David Duke.

  4. Avatar

    NBA is fixed

    November 14, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    Instead of worrying about politics, we should focus on owning businesses and recycling black dollars. Most of the Asians in Los Angeles do not vote. Guess what? They own half of midtown Los Angeles (Koreatown). If you own your own businesses and recycle black dollars, it won’t matter which political party puts their representative (Puppet) in the white House.

  5. Avatar

    marcus davis

    November 14, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Hard to believe that any black folks with an iota of sense would ever consider voting for a moron like Trump.

  6. Avatar

    Helen Agent

    November 13, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    It is so sad to see that many Black people with an identity crisis. To go and join the DEPLORABLES and fool themselves into believing that they are more than just a vote is a sign of lunacy. However, we must remember there’s always those damn Benedict Arnolds, Uncle Toms, Auntie Thomasinas and Turn Coats. I’m still dumbfounded.

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