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Boo! Guess Who’s Behind This Scary Costume as Celebs Get their Halloween Haunt On



by TRN Staff Writer,

The bewitching hour began early for some celebs who wanted to get their horror on before the official Halloween day.   For some like talk show host Wendy Williams, their treat of dressing up for Halloween turned into a scary trick.

The “Wendy Williams Show” star decided to go all out in her Lady Liberty outfit as she announced the winners of her syndicated show’s costume contest.  According to Billboard Magazine, as the moment arrived to announce the finalists, Williams became wide eyed, “her voice wavered and a scared look came over her face as she stumbled and fell backwards.  “We do it every year… It’s always a lot of fun,” she began as her words became a bit slurred. “Let’s get started. Our first guest…”  those were Williams last words and the next thing the audience knew-BOOM–TALK SHOW HOST DOWN…TALK SHOW HOST DOWN!  The show tossed to a commercial and after the break, Williams returned to explain that she passed out from her costume which caused her to get overheated.

The show later released a statement confirming that Williams  became dehydrated and fainted on air.  She was apparently examined by medical professionals and was given a clean bill of health.

But other celebs who dressed up for the spookiest day of the year managed to do so without any costume malfunctions or tricky health scares. Here are just a few of our favs…
Floyd Mayweather putting the “glad” in ‘gladiator”…

Last night, I was Achilles from ‘Troy’ or Maximus from ‘The Gladiator’.

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You can never go wrong when you’re a celeb impersonating another celeb.  Apparently Kim K’s “Sonny and Cher” dress up was so good that even the diva herself Cher reportedly tweeted her approval.


Strangé & Eddie

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Richard Pryor LIVE ON THE STRIP ? @thegcode

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Some may think it’s blasphemous, others may think he’s got a God-complex, but singer Kendrick Lamar tries to be “Humble”  as he dressed up as the son of God himself.

Kendrick Lamar as Jesus Christ.

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Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween if some celebs didn’t try to scare the candy out of us and Steph Curry did a pretty good job of spooking us with his Jigsaw…

Steph Curry rollin in for Halloween! ? ?: @nbcsauthentic

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There were plenty of celebs who mimicked this year’s scarriest box-office clown from the movie “It”.  But no one gave us the creeps like NBA star LeBron James.  At his Halloween party, we spotted some frightening figures like Freddie Kruger from “Nightmare on Elm Street”, Khaldrogo the Dothraki leader  from “Game of Thrones” and a superhero from…we’re not sure where.  But the scariest costume of the night goes to King James who exchanged his team jersey and sneaks for some clown make-up and floppy shoes to transform himself into Pennywise…


YEEESH! Somebody better tell Pennywise LeBron is after his gig!   If you’re still heading out to get your scare on, be sure to stay safe, grab all the candy you can and no tricks, just treats.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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1 Comment

  1. Shawn J

    November 1, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Who cares, dude? Halloween’s over, so let’s move on!

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