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“Boycott Trump” Apps to Wall Murals: How People Are Fighting the Power



by G. Brown

There’s no denying it.  November 8th changed America in ways no one really could have predicted. A Trump presidency seems to have helped a lot of  Whites connect with their inner racist.

Daily headlines tell us about stories like former KKK member David Duke who says the surge in White supremacy is helping his run for a Louisiana senate seat. Duke said in a recent interview, “I love it…The fact that Donald Trump’s doing so well, it proves that I’m winning. I am winning.” Supremacists are throwing caution to the wind…and their sheets…and being bold.   Delta airlines had to ban a Trump supporter from the airlines for life after the he disrupted a flight from Atlanta to Allentown. The man at one point allegedly jumped out of his seat, clapped his hands and shouted, “Donald Trump baby! We got some Hillary bitches on here?” and “Donald Trump! It’s your president. Every god**mn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

And then there’s this woman…June Pridmore who was fired from her job as a senior vice president at Regions Bank after her Facebook post that said, “I prefer a man who can buy Michele (sic) and Barack and sell them several times over,” Pridmore wrote. “I voted [Trump] in. I like him. He has a beautiful wife unlike the ugly and embarrassing woman, in the White House now. Ms. Trump’s face would make Michele (sic) O’Bama (sic) a Sunday face.”

But if you think all this newfound White pride racism isn’t meeting some pushback then think again.  Some genius has developed an app that helps consumers boycott Trump where it hurts most—the pocketbook.  The app lists more 250 businesses tied to Trump like Sprint, Nike, Gucci and Dr. Pepper.  The app shows how they’re connected and follows the money trail.

The app was created by a group called the Democratic Coalition Against Trump.  Here’s how the app is described on itunes…”Make Trump and his allies pay, literally, for their hateful rhetoric and regressive policies,” You can also download the “Boycott Trump” android phones as well.

In Oklahoma, one brave artist is proving that a picture is worth a thousand words and she has plenty to 583cbec118000093143104bcsay.  Street artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh needed one entire outside wall of a building in Oklahoma City to get her message across.  Her painting addresses the whitelash sweeping the country which includes the message:  “America is black. It is Native. It wears a hijab. It is a Spanish speaking tongue. It is migrant. It is a woman. It is here. Has been here. And it’s not going anywhere.”   Fazlalizadeh says she created the painting to “specifically challenge whiteness and the accepted idea of who an American is”.


The Trump presidency it seems has people on all sides of the race issue coming to a new stage of being woke.  None more noticeable perhaps than Nick Cannon who  many often see as corny because the “America’s Got Talent”  host usually camouflages his serious side, but now he’s showing all his layers and getting deep on political issues.

Cannon was trending last week after his comments from an interview with Power 105’s “Breakfast Club” in which he slammed both  Trump and Hillary saying neither will effect any change to the problems facing oppressed communities. Cannon referenced Planned Parenthood as a means politicians use to diminish the Black community through reproductive health organizations. Canon said,”Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all that type of stuff. That type of stuff is to take our community — and forget gentrification, it’s real genocide, and it’s been like that for years.” The actor, comedian recently announced he’s expecting his third child while he apparently think many in Black and minority communities are turning to agencies like Planned Parenthood to abort children.  Cannon says the group is inflicting eugenics or population control on the Black community. Cannon also says,”This system is not built for us. This is not our land. I appreciate it. I love it, wouldn’t want to live nowhere else, but this wasn’t designed for our people.”

While all this racially provoked talk is uncomfortable and sometimes disheartening, it’s also necessary.  Even if people like the guy on the flight or the woman at the head of the bank are saying despicable things, wouldn’t you rather know who you’re dealing with than to have them hiding in your workplace or next door in your apartment building?   People like Cannon are perhaps seeing a bigger picture than what they saw before the election…no matter who’s in the White House, no one really is working on behalf of the common man.

What do you think….is all this new found power by both races simply clearing the air? Or is all this talk leading us toward more separatism and racism?

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