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Breaking News-FOX Now Facing Race Discrimination Lawsuit

Breaking News-FOX Now Facing Race Discrimination Lawsuit


by TRN Staff Writer

When it rains lawsuits…it pours.  And FOX News is going to need a bigger umbrella.

First the allegations and alleged subsequent settlements after years of female employees claiming sexual harassment by former News Chief Roger Ailes and former “O’Reilly Factor” anchor Bill O’Reilly. Now, a new class action lawsuit has been filed against the network for years of  “abhorrent, intolerable” discrimination based on race.

Eleven current and former FOX News employees banned together to file the class-action suit which began with two women in March.  The initial suit by those two women claims the racism permeated the entire news operation citing it as “top-down racial harassment“. Offenders mentioned specifically by name are a FOX News attorney,  former comptroller Judith Slater and O’Reilly.  Anchor Kelly Wright alleges O’Reilly refused to permit him to discuss the obvious racial tension in the country and O’Reilly told him instead he should call FOX execs and “offer to sing the national anthem at the Fox News Town Halls.”  What?—Let me answer that ‘WTF’ with a firm ‘IDK’.  Wright also claims in the suit that ” because he is black, Mr. Wright has been effectively sidelined and asked to perform the role of a ‘Jim Crow’ ― the racist caricature of a black entertainer.

FOX lawyers and reps denounce the lawsuit as “merit less and frivolous”—because what else could they say?

Is anybody really surprised that FOX News is accused of being racist?  Once you trample on the rights of one group of people (like women), it’s a short and easy walk on the backs of other minorities.  Anyone who’s ever watched the network constantly referring to Blacks as “thugs”, laughing about a Black congress woman’s wig looking like James Brown and telling us that ‘everybody knows Jesus and Santa Claus are White’ won’t have a problem believing what these Black employees are claiming in their lawsuit.

With the firings of O’Reilly and Ailes, we’ve seen FOX News is willing to clean up its act when it comes to wrongful treatment of women, but is the network willing to admit it’s also wrongfully treated its Black employees.  This isn’t some backroom, hush-hush settlement offer  like with many of the sexism complaints, but a lead story, splattered across headlines lawsuit that the public knows about. FOX News may try and fight it–why?  These are Blacks employees claiming discrimination…and FOX News has proven how it feels about Blacks. FOX News being sued for racism is ‘breaking news’ and clearly, FOX broke the news business by using the media as their own soapbox for racist and sexist proganda.

What do you think?  Were these Black employees emboldened by the recent actions of FOX News and the sexism charges?  Why didn’t they speak up earlier? Do they stand a chance of finding justice in their class-action suit or does it look as if they’re just claiming discrimination because the women were successful in their sexism charges?