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“Buy the Block” : Turning Black Power into Green Power




by G. Brown

Instead of looking to buy a dream house for you and the family, maybe you should think bigger…like buying up the whole block. That’s what Lynn Da is showing Black investors and entrepreneurs.

Her “Buy the Block” program is hoping to expose the Black community to the wealth of real estate investment opportunities that are right in front of them in their own neighborhoods and cities.  Lynn says the only thing that most Black Americans are lacking is access to what’s a viable opportunity.  she’s hoping to share that information with as many who will seek it out through a new website and mobile app that will get people started in the right direction to show them how to start investing, connecting with their community and how to build wealth.  Lynn says, “Buy The Block has been created to help my people invest. Our vision is to change investing from confusing and frustrating, to an accessible and enjoyable social experience.”

If you’re wondering about her background since most of us have never heard of Lynn Da, this isn’t her first entrepreneurial endeavor. She’s signed off on several successful projects including a Black business crowdfunding site called and a Black business jobs initiative called   Lynn is using her own proven track record to come up with the funding to launch her newest effort…she’s relying on crowdfunding and at last count was about $60k from reaching her goal.

Economic experts say real estate is one of the best investments and has curb appeal that a lot of other investment opportunities can’t measure up to like giving the investor a tangible asset that’s not going up and down daily with the closing bell of Dow Jones.

It’s also a chance for people to join forces with family members or a neighborhood group and control what’s happening in their own backyards.  Lynn says, “We want to create a new generation of connected investors who feel informed, empowered, and confident. The launch of our website and mobile app will certainly take group investing to a whole new level,”

ezdgwmx7iijxn2ehd0p8   If you want to learn more about Lynn’s “Buy the Block” program or you want to make a pledge, click here to get to her website or you can click this link to go to her Facebook page.



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