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Campaign to Allow Food Stamp Clients to Shop Online for Healthier Choices



By: Leticia Latrice

Russell Simmons is lobbying to help people who receive food stamps, get access to healthier foods. According to statistics 46.5 million Americans receive food stamps. People who receive food stamps are low income and are more likely to not have the sufficient transportation or funds to afford healthy food. When it is hard to get access to healthy foods and you are forced to eat unhealthy food options because it is the only thing available in your local area, eventually your health is at risk through diseases like obesity and high blood pressure. This is what they call a food desert. In the past,there was an attempt to make convenient stores carry healthier food options, but that failed. Even if there were healthier food options, the average amount that someone gets in food stamps is $133 a month. Who can realistically survive of off $133 of food a month. Poverty and an unhealthy diet go hand and hand for these reasons.

Russell Simmons is a known humanitarian and is trying to create a solution to this problem. He recently collaborated with Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that only sells healthy organic foods.


Thrive Market’s niche is they deliver the food directly to the customer’s home. So people who are living on a low income can still have healthy food delivered to them. The only issue is that you cannot use food stamps at online stores. Therefore Simmons and Thrive Market are fighting for food stamps to be accepted by online grocery stores. Thrive Market is lobbying and filing a petition with the USDA to make groceries online available for at risk families on food stamps.  Thrive Market has partnered up with many celebrities and is about 25,000 people away from their goal of 325,000 petitions.

This is just another step in the right direction to make America a healthier place. Fast food and unhealthy food is causing American’s to suffer from, heart disease,diabetes and cancer which are the three leading causes of death in America. If the government advocates a healthy diet and promoting nutrition this is a cause they should support. Thrive Market has created an innovative way to get health food to the at risk low income families who really need it the most. Please support the movement!


Russel Simmons Thrive Market Video


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