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Can Multiple Tatts(Tattoos) Actually be Good for You?

Can Multiple Tatts(Tattoos) Actually be Good for You?


By: Leticia Latrice

The question isn’t is what kind of tattoo do you have it, is how many do you have? It seems like these days everyone has if not at least one, but several tattoos. People consider tattoos to be a work of body art and a way to express themselves.

This can be done boldly or subtlety.  Some people can rock a tattoo on their neck like Wiz Khalifa or some will rock one on their back where no one clearly see it like Rihanna.

wiz khalifa


Another popular trend is having a sleeve. A tattoo sleeve is  when you entire arm is covered with tats. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are known for the sleeves they have.

cb tat

Whatever is your preference and no matter what kind of tattoo you have the good news is instead of it being harmful to your health it is helpful!

Research shows that the more tattoos a person has a stronger their immune system than someone how doesn’t. People with more tattoos have  higher levels of a an antibody called  immunoglobulin. Saliva was taken from people before and after they had their tattoo to test their  immunoglobulin levels. The study shows that people who had already had tattoos had to use less immunoglobulin to fight an potential infection from the tattoo than people  who didn’t already have tattoos. These results caused the researchers to conclude that getting tattoos helps the body build a stronger immune system. Moms may not like it, but tatts are apparently now doctor approved….So now you know that your desire to express yourself with tattoos can also build your immune system.

How Having Lots Of Tattoos May Be Good For You




  1. One more thing to say, black people getting tattoos is similar to black slaves getting branded! Why would any black person spend hundreds of dollars to get ink permanently branded into their skin. That makes about as much sense as black people bleaching their skin. In my opinion both are stupid. We should be proud to be black. We should be proud of our melanin; it protects us from the sun!

  2. If you’re black why are you getting tattoos? Why are you destroying the melanin that God/Most High gave you? In my opinion, getting tattoos is the same as bleaching your skin; you’re damaging your melanin. Talk to a dermatologist and they will tell you about the dangers of tattoos. If you don’t know what melanin is, watch Hidden Colors. Always remember, black is beautiful and melanin is poppin!


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