Home Celebrities Cardi B Raps to BB No.1 & Gets On Another Female Rapper’s Hit List
Cardi B Raps to BB No.1 & Gets On Another Female Rapper’s Hit List

Cardi B Raps to BB No.1 & Gets On Another Female Rapper’s Hit List


by TRN Writers,

Cardi B has managed to do something no other female rapper since Lauryn Hill has accomplished.  Cardi B has become the first female rapper to climb atop Billboard’s Hot 100 all on her own…no ‘featuring’, no assists from anybody to get there.

It appears Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow(Money Moves)” isn’t just a hit with singer Janet Jackson who decided to use the song in a dance break in her current concert.  The song hit the No. 1 on BB’s latest chart after lingering for weeks in the No.2 slot.  Cardi finally beat out the number one Pop Star in the world (that’s Taylor Swift btw if anybody cares) to slide into number one.

The last time a lone female rapper managed this feat was back in 1998 when Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)  took No 1.  And the history of chart topping female rappers, Cardi B is only the fifth to make it to the No. 1 spot.

The NY rapper (real name Belcalis Almanzar) started as an exotic dancer who used  more than her curves to build a huge internet following. Her “no filter” postings pushed her into IG and internet celebrity. Once she established herself as a social media queen, TV fame soon found her through VH1’s reality series “Love & Hip Hop: New York”.  Two years after landing a spot as a regular cast member, a major record label came a calling.  Atlantic Records signed the outspoken rapper and earlier this year she released her debut single which happens to be her new No. 1 hit.

The 24 year old’s celebration was underscored by a clash with some of her fans just hours earlier for comments some have slammed as racist.  Cardi was responding to Trump’s attack on NFL protesters when  a joke she threw out landed the wrong way on Twitter…

A lot of fans were shocked and offended pointing out that the statement was also racist.  Cardi B stood her ground calling some of her fans “soft” and told them to “lighten up!!”

One commenter who is also isn’t laughing just happens to be another outspoken, NY, female rapper. Azealia Banks under the Twitter handle @XoCheapy responded to Cardi B’s  outspoken comments with some of her own.

Banks went on to mention the public “crucified” her for making similar comments and said “If I called someone wonton soup….all hell would break loose.”  Banks found herself on the defense after her statements by fans who accused her of being jealous of Cardi B’s success.

But some other female rappers are putting politics, insults and racist rants aside to  focus on and celebrate Cardi B’s musical success.