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Black History

By: Leticia Latrice Why is it that there are so many negative stereotypes of black people?  It seems like these days people would rather believe the stereotype than the truth. Common stereotypes of black people are that all young black men are dangerous thugs and drug dealers. That all black women wear weave and are […]
By: Evette Champion March 20th was the 100-year anniversary death of Ota Benga—the man who shot himself in the heart, thus ending his life as the “missing link” from Africa. Ota Benga was a 32-year-old Mbuti man who lived along the Kasai River, which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. He only stood at […]
by G. Brown While Christmas may rank as the biggest holiday on the Christian calendar, Easter is without doubt the most sacrosanct —when people who believe that Jesus as the Son of God sacrificed himself to save the world and was resurrected three days later. As the oldest festival of the Christian Church, an estimated […]
By: Evette Champion In the past, Black viewers have voiced their concerns where stories about African Americans tend to have that “when we were slave” story lines, however, the reviews for Underground seems to resonate with the African American community. Why? Because it changes the narrative in every way possible—from the music, the story line, […]
By: Evette Chamion If you are a Good Times fan, you can get all excited because it appears that there is going to be a feature film based off of the 1970s hit sitcom. Now, we aren’t talking about the film that is in development by Sony Pictures and is being produced by Scott Rudin. […]
By: Evette Champion Fats Domino was a huge rocker during the 1950s and 60s, his musical achievements and record sales were so astonishing they were rivaled only by The King, Elvis Presley. He combined blues, rhythm & blues and jazz into how he played the piano and became one of the pioneers for the musical […]