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by G. Brown Ever since “Oscarsowhite”, the entertainment industry seems to be trying to get it together in terms of equality in Hollywood.  We’ve seen some progress like Black actors/actresses in starring roles for upcoming  movies and TV shows like”Black Panther” movie and  “Black Lightning”. Though admittedly, the progress is slow. But no place has […]
by G. Brown The sides are clearly drawn in this  feud between  the NFL players and the president  and the battle keeps heating up. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys scheduled a meeting with players after he went public saying players will stand for the national anthem or sit on the sidelines during the game. […]
by TRN Writers, Nelly,  movie tycoon Harvey Weinstein, comedian/actor Bill Cosby, politicians, news anchors and reporters…allegations of sexual misconduct seem to permeate every industry, but especially industries were people make a lot of money or are perceived to wield a lot of power and influence. It’s not always men who are the aggressors, (even Brittany […]
by TRN Cam Newton’s statements at news conference went over like he got sacked before he had time to shift in the pocket. The Carolina Panther’s star QB  made what some called a “disrespectful” and “degrading” comment to a female reporter from the local news paper  during a news conference earlier this week.  Here’s the […]