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by G. Brown This week’s episode of BET’s new show “The Quad” is titled “Things Fall Apart”…and that may be as much a prophecy as it is a title. The network chose Black History Month to unveil its new drama set against the backdrop of the Black experience at an HBCU.  So far, the show […]
By: Leticia Latrice Children can do amazing things is a meme on Neeyam Hudson’s Instagram page. Hudson is a 10 year old motivational speaker that has been inspiring kids everywhere. On social media he goes by the name of King Nahh.  He has started a positive movement to encourage kids to have self-love and confidence. […]
By: Leticia Latrice A film created by an organization called Black Lives Black Lungs is being produced.  This organization created a digital project investigating the tobacco industry’s successful targeting of the black community with menthol products. Black Lives Black Lungs   The flavoring of any cigarette is banned by the FDA. However, adding menthol to […]
By: Evette Champion We live in a world where you cannot get a good job without a college degree—and even still there are many employers who ask that you have a degree and experience, making it nearly impossible for new grads to get a job using that degree they are now thousands in debt for. […]
By: Leticia Latrice Why is it that there are so many negative stereotypes of black people?  It seems like these days people would rather believe the stereotype than the truth. Common stereotypes of black people are that all young black men are dangerous thugs and drug dealers. That all black women wear weave and are […]
By: Evette Champion In Chicago, the veterans have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to help keep the kids in the city safe. Thanks to Leave No Veteran Behind, a program that helps veterans with their educational goals and repayment of debt, finding employment, and also help solve problems that may be […]

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