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By: Leticia Latrice Why is it that there are so many negative stereotypes of black people?  It seems like these days people would rather believe the stereotype than the truth. Common stereotypes of black people are that all young black men are dangerous thugs and drug dealers. That all black women wear weave and are […]
By: Evette Champion In Chicago, the veterans have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to help keep the kids in the city safe. Thanks to Leave No Veteran Behind, a program that helps veterans with their educational goals and repayment of debt, finding employment, and also help solve problems that may be […]
By: Evette Champion When it comes to wearing many hats, Diddy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or Sean Combs (whatever you know him best as) certainly has a nice collection! He’s made a big mark on the music industry, has his own clothing line, a brand of vodka, and who knows what else. Just when you […]
By: Evette Champion In the past, Black viewers have voiced their concerns where stories about African Americans tend to have that “when we were slave” story lines, however, the reviews for Underground seems to resonate with the African American community. Why? Because it changes the narrative in every way possible—from the music, the story line, […]
By: Evette Champion I don’t know about you, but if I had the opportunity to attend a school like the Ron Clark Academy, perhaps I would have done a bit better than I have. Math and history are just two subjects that are offered at Ron Clark Academy. This school teaches so much more than […]
By: Evette Champion When we imagine young people who are interested in the science, it’s likely to think of Sheldon Cooper or Raj Kuthrapali from the Big Bang Theory.   We are rarely exposed to stories of young African American males excelling in math and science. We most often see them celebrated in the entertainment […]
Our skin is similar, U.S. Blacks  wear Kente cloth and African print garb, jewelry, and hairstyles similar to Africans, but that’s where the similarity ends. Africans and African Americans are not the same.  Many African Americans still see Africans as primeval and lacking in sophistication.  Africans see African Americans as cruel, vicious and lazy. The […]