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By Leticia Latrice The Reel Network (TRN) is making major moves in Hollywood and making dreams come true! The Reel Network’s desire is to create quality content that the African American culture can relate to, learn from, laugh at and enjoy. The Reel Network recently moved into a production studio in Hollywood, CA. This studio […]
By: Evette Champion Have you ever laid in bed and all of a sudden you have this fantastic idea for a great business? There’s nothing that excitement that you get when you’re brimming to the top so many ideas of what to do and how to make everything work. You spend your day daydreaming about […]
By: Evette Champion Soulja Boy wrote an email to Stripe, the online payment processing company, because he was alarmed by the huge negative balance on his account. The account was used to process payments for his brand of two-wheeled self-balancing boards aptly named “Souljaboards” which he sold on his online store for $1,500 apiece. “I […]