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By: Evette Champion Have you ever laid in bed and all of a sudden you have this fantastic idea for a great business? There’s nothing that excitement that you get when you’re brimming to the top so many ideas of what to do and how to make everything work. You spend your day daydreaming about […]
By: Evette Champion Soulja Boy wrote an email to Stripe, the online payment processing company, because he was alarmed by the huge negative balance on his account. The account was used to process payments for his brand of two-wheeled self-balancing boards aptly named “Souljaboards” which he sold on his online store for $1,500 apiece. “I […]
By Joshua D. Copeland There’s nothing more threatening than Blackness and success tied together – especially regarding Black women. Singer Rihanna made that clear in her recent interview with T Magazine.  She is  a product of the massive growth she’s experienced on her journey to success.  For the most part, everything’s gravy when she’s singing about […]
By: Evette Champion It’s difficult making it in Hollywood, it is even more difficult if you are an African American. With so many film companies in the industry, there is a grave misrepresentation of black culture because the predominately white owned companies simply don’t get it. Fortunately, there are film companies that are owned by […]
By Dana C. Ayres By all means and purposes, the best way to understand the meaning of something is to know the history of the thing. In terms of Afrocentricity, often one has to dig deep to find the truth about that said “African” thing. For centuries, the peoples, the continent, cultures, religions and languages […]
By Dana C. Ayres There’s an adage that claims that history belongs to the victors. However, with the history of car manufacturing in the United States, the adage is most glaring when people learn about the car manufacturers that didn’t last, like the “Tucker” model. But, how many people, in general, are aware that that […]
By: Evette Champion Upon the success from Selma, Ava DuVernay is in the process of expanding her distribution company, African American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM for short). The new company will be relaunched as Array and already has two films that are projected to be released in the fall: a coming-of-age drama Ayanda and […]
By: Evette Champion When it comes to pop culture, there seems to be one person at the center of it all, and according to Vince Staples, that person is Ray J. You know, Brandy’s little brother and the other half of Kim Kardashian’s notorious sex tape. Yeah, that’s the guy. In an interview with Hot […]