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By: Leticia Latrice Too often black people are ridiculed for their hair. People act like they are afraid of nappy, wild, unique looking hair. Just because black hair is coarse, kinky, curly, full and thick doesn’t make it unattractive. Recently the Federal appeals court has gone too far by ruling that people who have dreadlocks […]
by G. Brown Paul Mitchell is one of the biggest names in the hair care business.  For the last 35 years, women have flocked to Mitchell’s hair dyes and sprays to make their hair manageable.  The Beverly Hills based company rakes in about $60 million dollars yearly between hair care and beauty products.  The company […]
By: Leticia Latrice A film created by an organization called Black Lives Black Lungs is being produced.  This organization created a digital project investigating the tobacco industry’s successful targeting of the black community with menthol products. Black Lives Black Lungs   The flavoring of any cigarette is banned by the FDA. However, adding menthol to […]
By: Leticia Latrice What is it about black hair that makes people so uncomfortable? It is sad when a black woman with an Afrocentric hair style has to feel uncomfortable among a group of another culture. Have you ever had to be the spokesperson for black people to explain why and how our hair looks […]