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Hollywood Legends

By: Leticia Latrice Lalah Hathaway has been blessed with the same vocals as her father. Her beautiful, smokey alto pitch is soothing to the soul. She has had to carry the torch of her father the legendary Donny Hathaway and has done a wonderful job. The Grammy award winner has had many hits over the […]
By: Leticia Latrice Daryl Coley one of Gospel’s greats passed away Tuesday at age 60. Coley was a well renowned gospel artist. His popular songs “He’s Preparing Me”, “Beyond the Veil” and “When Sunday Comes” will never be forgotten. Coley expanded his ministry and founded the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Los Angeles, CA. He had […]
By: Evette Champion February 21, 1933, seemed like just an ordinary day to most of the world, but it would turn out to be the day that a force of nature came into the world and would change the landscape of music for generations. Eunice Kathleen Waymon was born in Tryon, North Carolina. At the […]
By: Evette Champion Fats Domino was a huge rocker during the 1950s and 60s, his musical achievements and record sales were so astonishing they were rivaled only by The King, Elvis Presley. He combined blues, rhythm & blues and jazz into how he played the piano and became one of the pioneers for the musical […]
By: Evette Champion It’s no secret that Ms. Patti Labelle and Ms. Aretha Franklin have been at each other’s throats for years now. It appears that the rivalry between these two women is moving out of the entertainment industry and moving into the kitchen. Franklin has recently announced that she is in the process of […]
By: Evette Champion It would appear that by making a public declaration about boycotting an event due to lack of diversity will ruffle some feathers and have folks digging through your closet looking for bones. That’s right, it appears Mrs. Pinkett-Smith has gotten under Alexis Arquette’s skin. The transgender actress and gender-rights activist allegedly “outted” […]
By: Evette Champion In a world of Annalise from How to Get Away with Murder and Olivia Pope from Scandal, we meet a real-life force to be reckoned with—Monique Pressley. Perhaps by choosing her to represent him in his legal battles that are plaguing him, some say it was the smartest thing Cosby has done […]